00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Ryan Brown, a guest of Rep. Johnson
00:04:05Resolution - HR 213Reps. Stephanie Kunze and Jim Buchy honoring James Michael Hughes as a 33rd Degree Lance Mason
00:06:27Resolution - HR 208Reps. Niraj J. Antani and James Butler honoring the Centerville High School girls 3, 200-meter relay team on winning the 2015 Division I State Championship
00:08:56Resolution - HR 239Rep. Anthony DeVitis, Hagan, G. Johnson & Hall honoring Dominic Vitrano as an international jiu jitsu champion and Andrew Newman as a world jiu jitsu champion, Joshua Hillman as a international jiu jitsu champion, and Josh Hendricks as a international jiu jitsu champion
00:15:54Resolution - HR 259Rep. Mark J. Romanchuk honoring the Lexington High School boys and girls cross country teams as the Div. II State Champions
00:20:55Resolution - HR 186Speaker Cliff Rosenberger in memory of Sonny Kim
00:30:34Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 131Dorothy Pelanda
00:32:28Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 124Stephen A. HuffmanDan Ramos
00:35:43Resolution - HR 265Relative to Travel AllowanceRon Amstutz
00:36:57Third Consideration - HB 300Nan BakerNathan H. Manning
00:41:57Third Consideration - SB 11Robert HackettJohn Rogers
00:51:18Third Consideration - HB 303Jonathan Dever
00:55:15Third Consideration - HB 243Schaffer, Tim
00:59:43Third Consideration - HB 219
00:59:59Third Consideration - HB 219John Barnes
01:01:52Third Consideration - HB 299Louis BlessingJeff Rezabek
01:05:21Third Consideration - SCR 6Al LandisSean O'BrienDavid LelandDave HallLou TerharJohn BoccieriNiraj J. AntaniDan RamosAndrew BrennerAndy ThompsonRobert Sprague
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