00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Dennis Wheeler, a guest of Rep. Jim Buchy.
00:03:51Resolution - HR 226View Legislation TextHonoring Gary Mohr on receiving the 2015 Tom Clements Innovation Award.Gary Scherer
00:06:34Resolution - HR 295View Legislation TextHonoring the Lake Local School District on its 2015 Energy Project of the Year Award.Christina Hagan
00:08:42Resolution - HR 309View Legislation TextHonoring the Ohio Chapter of the American Heart Association during American Heart Month, February 2016.Cheryl Grossman
00:12:14Point of Personal Privilege
00:14:17Journal of Previous Day
00:14:31Introduction of Bills
00:17:29Resolution - HR 313View Legislation TextRon Amstutz
00:19:01Swearing In Re. Nickie J. Antonio as Minority Whip and Rep. Jack Cera as Asst. Minority Whip
00:22:14Third Consideration - HB 431View Legislation TextMicheal SheehyJohn PattersonKristin Boggs
00:29:09Third Consideration - HB 235 (S)View Legislation TextLou TerharDavid LelandLou TerharTerry Johnson
00:35:04Third Consideration - HB 317 (S)View Legislation TextRon MaagAnthony DeVitis
00:40:24Third Consideration - HB 217View Legislation TextMargaret RuhlNickie Antonio
00:43:24Third Consideration - HB Jack CeraJohn Rogers
00:50:12Third Consideration - HB 87View Legislation TextStephen SlesnickChristina HaganMike AshfordDan Ramos
01:00:39Third Consideration - HCR 30View Legislation TextTerry JohnsonSean O'Brien
01:04:41Third Consideration - HCR 7View Legislation TextRobert SpragueLou TerharJohn Rogers
01:11:20Third Consideration - HCR 26View Legislation TextBarbara SearsMike DovillaHearcel F. Craig
01:16:16Third Consideration - HR 263View Legislation TextMike DovillaDan Ramos
01:21:27Point of Personal Privilege Rep Kyle Koehler wishes to recognize his aide, Britney Howland, for her service.
01:23:17Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Stephanie D. Howse wishes to recognize her interns.
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