00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Rev. Victor Davis, a guest of Rep. Heard
00:02:15Resolution - HR 417Reps. Bob D. Hackett & McGregor honoring the Northeastern High School girls powerlifting team on winning the 2014 Div. I, II, III State Championship
00:05:14Resolution - HR 382Rep. Micheal Sheehy honoring Richie Screptock as a 2014 Div. I State Wrestling Champion
00:07:47Resolution - HR 403Reps. Alicia Reece & Connie Pillich honoring the Princeton High School girls basketball team as the 2014 Div. I State Champion
00:13:29Resolution - HR 420Reps. Mike Dovilla honoring the Baldwin Wallace University cyber defense team on winning the 2014 Ohio Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition
00:16:49Resolution - HR 405Rep. Terry Boose honoring the Norwalk High School boys basketball team on winning the 2014 Div. II State Championship
00:25:16Journal of Previous Day
00:25:35Introduction of Bills
00:28:28Resolution - HR 419In memory of William L. Mallory Sr.Ronald GerberryFred StrahornKevin BoyceTracy Maxwell HeardWilliam Batchelder
00:47:15Third Consideration - HB 401Robert HaganAlicia ReeceDenise DriehausJim BuchyDale Mallory
01:06:11Third Consideration - HB 468Ross McGregorBarbara SearsJohn Patrick CarneyRoss McGregorMichael HenneBarbara SearsTom Letson
01:25:17Third Consideration - SB 245Lou TerharConnie PillichLou TerharWes Retherford
01:38:57Third Consideration - SB 275Lynn WachtmannRobert SpragueChris Redfern
01:42:48Third Consideration - HB 375Matt HuffmanBrian HillRobert HaganJack CeraMichael FoleyJohn RogersRoland WinburnTracy Maxwell HeardDan RamosDave HallJohn Patrick CarneyNick BarborakMichael FoleyJeffrey McClainBarbara SearsLou Terhar
03:21:04Third Consideration - SB 260Mike Dovilla
03:25:05Third Consideration - HB 241Christina Hagan
03:29:20Third Consideration - HB 277Peter StautbergMatt Lundy Peter Stautberg
03:37:41Third Consideration - HB 290Gerald Stebelton
03:42:13Third Consideration - HB 412Anne Gonzales
03:44:25Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Hill with a point of personal privilege
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