00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Father Michael Lumpe, a guest of Rep. Margaret Conditt
00:02:37Resolution - HR 393Reps. Grossman, Michael Stinziano, et al., Honoring the Center of Science and Industry on its fiftieth anniversary
00:05:19Resolution - HR 368Rep. Dorothy Pelanda honoring Austin Pfarr and Hayden Lee as 2014 Div. I State Wrestling Champions
00:07:25Resolution - HR 392Reps. Michael Stinziano and Michael F. Curtin honoring Dr. Ann Schiele on her retirement as president and dean of the Mount Carmel College of Nursing
00:10:49Resolution - HR 425Reps. Nickie J. Antonio and Armond Budish honoring Kathleen Corrigan as the 2014 Ohio School Nurse of the Year
00:18:32Journal of Previous Day
00:18:51Introduction of Bills
00:19:26Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 165Kristina Roegner
00:21:01Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 484Tim BrownDan Ramos
00:28:22Third Consideration - HB 440Tim Brown
00:33:03Resolution - HR 384Rep. Armond Budish honoring Ryan Harris on winning a 2014 Div. III State Wrestling Championship
00:36:31Resolution - HR 434Rep. Hayes honoring Pearl Valley Cheese on being presented with a Gold Medal at the 2014 World Cheese Championship Cheese Contest
00:38:53Resolution - HR 418Reps. John Patterson and Lynch honoring Andrew Fetchik on being named the 2015 Ohio High School Principal of the Year
00:41:12Third Consideration - HB 533Ross McGregorDale Mallory Denise DriehausRoss McGregorRonald GerberryAlicia ReeceTerry Boose
01:04:14Resolution - HR 347Rep.s Michael Foley and Mike Dovilla honoring the Polaris Career Center management and culinary arts team as the 2014 Ohio ProStart Invitational champions
01:10:30Resolution - HR Rep. Matt Lundy recognizing Ohio Correctional Officer of the Year
01:13:44Resolution - HR 348Reps. Gerald Stebelton and Hood, honoring Sheri Mike Duffey as the American Correctional Association Warden of the Year
01:17:10Third Consideration - HB 491Jim BuchyLouis Blessing
01:24:13Third Consideration - SB 192Dave Hall
01:26:50Third Consideration - HB 198James ButlerTony Burkley
01:33:42Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Bob D. Hackett with a point of personal privielege
01:34:34Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Tom Letson and C. Hagan with a point of personal priveilege
01:40:46Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Micheal Sheehy with a point of personal privilege
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