00:02:19ResolutionRep. Clayton Luckie honoring VeeDa Rucker as the Ohio DRC Correction Officer of the Year
00:05:36ResolutionRep. J. Stewart honoring the Meigs Elementary School archery team as the 2008 National Archery in the Schools Program Champion
00:13:17Journal of Previous Day
00:13:32Introduction of Bills
00:14:42Conference Committee Report - SB 171David Daniels, D. Stewart
00:18:34Conference Committee Report - HB 181Arlene Setzer, Sykes
00:20:56Resolution - HR 212DeWine
00:21:52At Ease
00:23:13Third Consideration - SJR 8Matthew Dolan
00:23:42Third Consideration - SB 229Gardner, Kevin Bacon
00:28:56Third Consideration - SB 268Courtney Eric Combs
00:33:02Third Consideration - SB 323James Aslanides, John Domenick
00:38:08Third Consideration - SB 334James Zehringer
00:40:31Convene Session/InvocationRep. Cliff Hite
00:43:31Third Consideration - HB 415Louis Blessing, John Domenick
00:47:26Third Consideration - HB 435White, Debose
00:54:27Reconsideration - SB 323Schneider
00:55:52Third Consideration - HB 493David Daniels
01:00:09Third Consideration - HB 503Peterson, Tom Letson
01:08:27Third Consideration - HR 137Todd Book, Gardner
01:15:02Third Consideration - SB 183White, Timothy DeGeeter, Kathleen Chandler
01:19:51At Ease
01:23:22Third Consideration - SB 183
01:24:55Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 30R. McGregor, Debose, Allan Sayre
01:32:40Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 350Larry Wolpert, D. Stewart
01:36:28Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 404Jay Hottinger, Joseph Koziura
01:39:43Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 562Jay Hottinger, Michael J. Skindell
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