00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Charles Smith, a guest of Rep. Green
00:02:55Resolution - HR 113Rep. Mike Duffey honoring the Bluffsview Elementary School archery team as the 2013 National Archery in the Schools State Champion in the elementary division
00:07:30Resolution - HR Reps. Anne Gonzales & Ruhl honoring Jacob Glorioso as one of Ohio's top youth volunteer and Katerina Soisson as an outstanding youth volunteer
00:11:03Resolution - HR 105Reps. Thompson & Phillips honoring the Waterford High School FFA parliamentary procedure team on winning the 2012 FFA State Contest
00:18:34Resolution - HR 116Rep. Nickie J. Antonio honoring Elizabeth Hankins as a 2013 Yale Distinguished Music Educator
00:23:54Resolution - HR 131Rep. Bill Patmon honoring the Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School chess team as the 2012 Ohio Grade Level Champion and the 2013 Queen City Classic Champion
00:34:45Introduction of Bills
00:38:06Resolution - HR 137Relative to the election of Minority Leader Tracy Maxwell Heard,Matt Huffman
00:41:43Swearing In Rep. Tracy Maxwell Heard as Minority Leader
00:44:24Resolution - HR 138Relative to the election of Rep. Debbie Phillips as Assistant Minority Leader, Rep. Mike Ashford as Minority Whip and Rep. Dan Ramos as Assistant Minority Whip,Matt Huffman
00:46:35Swearing In Rep. Debbie Phillips as Assistant Minority Leader, Rep. Mike Ashford as Minority Whip and Rep. Dan Ramos as Assistant Minority Whip
00:50:12Third Consideration - SB 67Andy ThompsonRon MaagMatt Lundy Ron MaagConnie PillichRon YoungBarbara SearsJohn Patrick CarneyLynn WachtmannDenise DriehausRon Amstutz
01:19:26Third Consideration - SB 7James ButlerRoss McGregor
01:28:17Third Consideration - HB 167Cheryl GrossmanTracy Maxwell HeardKevin BoyceTeresa FedorFred StrahornDebbie PhillipsJohn Barnes
02:08:56Third Consideration - HB 138Jeffrey McClainTom Letson
02:16:40Third Consideration - HCR 11Gerald StebeltonNan Baker
02:21:20Third Consideration - HB 149Marlene Anielski
02:28:43Recognition Member farewell to Rep. Matt SzollosiArmond BudishMatt HuffmanMatt SzollosiWilliam Batchelder
02:54:24Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Wes Retherford speaks to Phillip Morrical Jr.'s death
02:57:19Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Green with a point of personal privilege
02:58:33Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Heard speaks to her election as minority leader
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