00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Pastor Joeseph DiVincenzo a guest of Rep. Hill
00:02:46Resolution - HR 362Rep. Martin honoring Beavercreek High School Boys 200-yard medley relay team as a 2012 Div. I State swimming champion
00:08:06Resolution - HR 309Rep. Kristina Roegner Honoring Alex Obendorf on winning a 2012 Div. I State Swimming and Diving Championship
00:10:22Resolution - HR 340Reps. Timothy Derickson, Courtney Eric Combs and Margaret Conditt Honoring the Miami University synchronized skating team as the 2012 U.S. National Champion
00:18:57Journal of Previous Day
00:19:16Introduction of Bills
00:20:46Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 158Gerald StebeltonMark Okey
00:26:42Recognition Rep. Connie Pillich with a point of personal privilege
00:28:34Third Consideration - SB 295Louis BlessingDennis MurrayMichael StinzianoRon MaagMatt HuffmanMatt Lundy Kathleen ClydeTed CelesteMichael FoleyVernon SykesLouis BlessingMatt HuffmanAlicia ReeceRobert HaganArmond BudishLouis BlessingClayton LuckieTom Letson
01:25:02Third Consideration - HB 31Louis Blessing
01:25:36Third Consideration - HB 118Lorraine FendeRobert Hagan
01:31:32Third Consideration - HB 184Jarrod Martin
01:35:42Third Consideration - HCR 31Al LandisMark Okey
01:45:50Recognition Rep. Nickie J. Antonio with a point of personal privilege
01:49:05Recognition Reps. Nickie J. Antonio and Teresa Fedor with a point of personal privilege
01:52:58Recognition Rep. Margaret Conditt with a point of personal privilege
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