00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor David Hoffman a guest of Rep. Mike Duffey
00:03:35Resolution - HR 361Rep. Phillips honoring the Ohio University men's basketball team on winning the 2012 Mid-American Conference Championship
00:10:05Journal of Previous Day
00:10:22Introduction of Bills
00:13:27Motion John AdamsTracy Maxwell Heard
00:14:00Resolution - HR 378Relative to the election of Kevin BoyceTracy Maxwell Heard
00:17:35Swearing In Rep. Kevin Boyce swearing in
00:24:17Third Consideration - HB 521Mike DovillaRobert HaganTom LetsonBill PatmonMichael FoleyJohn BarnesRoland Winburn
00:41:52Third Consideration - HB 334Terry JohnsonDanny BubpClayton LuckieMatt Lundy
00:59:23Third Consideration - HB 239Peter Stautberg
01:05:33Third Consideration - HB 417Cheryl Grossman
01:11:28Third Consideration - HB 492Anne GonzalesCourtney Eric CombsChristina HaganTerry JohnsonLorraine FendeDenise DriehausLynn Wachtmann
01:27:28Third Consideration - HB 379Louis Blessing
01:31:14Message Louis Blessing
01:31:53Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 386Louis BlessingRonald Gerberry
01:35:36Recognition Rep. Danny Bubp with a point of personal privilege
01:38:55Recognition Rep. Kristina Roegner with a point of personal privilege
01:41:53Recognition Rep. Casey Kozlowski with a point of personal privilege
01:43:48Recognition Rep. Connie Pillich with a point of personal privilege
01:47:48Recognition Rep. Danny Bubp with a point of personal privilege
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