00:03:01Resolution - HR 291Speaker Bacthelder & Reps. Alicia Reece, Peter Beck, Mike Dovilla, Bill Patmon, Sykes & Jim Buchy Honoring Dr. Steven Alicia Reece, Sr., for his contributions to the 1994 meeting and 1995 compact btween black and white Lance Masons
00:09:59Resolution - HR 292Speaker William Batchelder & Reps. Alicia Reece, Peter Beck, Mike Dovilla, Bill Patmon, Sykes, & Jim Buchy honoring James Edward Olmstead for his contributions to the 1994 meeting and 1995 compact between black and white Lance Masons
00:12:31Resolution - HR 256Rep. Green honoring Emma Southall as a 2013 United States Tumbling and Trampoline Association National Champion
00:14:53Resolution - HR 176Rep. Kristina Roegner honoring Rachel Johnstone as a 2013 Flute Fest Champion
00:18:48Resolution - HR 229Reps.Gary Scherer and Hood honoring the Logan Elm School District robotics team as the 2013 Innovation Award recipient
00:22:47Resolution - HR 290Rep. Slaby honoring the Revere High School boys soccer team as the 2013 Div. II State Champion
00:26:48Resolution - HR 251Rep. Jim Buchy honoring Brother Nick Renner on receiving the 2013 Archbishop O'Hara Advocacy Award for Rural Ministry
00:32:56Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Grand Master James Easterling, Jr., a guest of Speaker William Batchelder
00:36:04Journal of Previous Day
00:36:33Introduction of Bills
00:38:59Third Consideration - SJR 5Matt HuffmanDan RamosChris RedfernFred StrahornRon HoodKristina RoegnerLou TerharMike DovillaWes Retherford
01:44:09Third Consideration - SB 109Mike DovillaKathleen ClydeMike DovillaAlicia Reece
02:01:26Third Consideration - HB 311Wes RetherfordTerry Boose
02:10:45Third Consideration - HB 107Nan Baker
02:19:05Third Consideration - HB 296Terry JohnsonMike Duffey
02:31:22Third Consideration - HB 203Terry JohnsonAlicia ReeceFred StrahornKevin BoyceTerry JohnsonBarbara Sears
03:13:53At Ease
03:14:57Third Consideration - HB 203Ronald GerberryTerry JohnsonBarbara SearsRobert HaganMike AshfordTerry JohnsonBarbara SearsTeresa FedorTerry JohnsonBarbara SearsJohn Patrick CarneyMatt LynchBill PatmonNickie AntonioJohn BarnesDorothy Pelanda
04:29:10Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Terry Boose with a point of personal privilege
04:30:43Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Al Landis with a point of personal privelege
04:32:22Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Micheal Sheehy to commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy
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