00:00:01Convene Session
00:01:19Roll Call
00:02:48H. B. No. 464
00:03:02H. B. No. 464 - Vote
00:04:14H. B. No. 369
00:04:31Substitute Bill
00:04:55Comments - Rep. Skindell
00:05:52At Ease
00:05:56Comments - Rep. Seitz
00:09:46Testimony - Sen. Nickie Antonio
00:16:48Q&A - Rep. Brown
00:21:52Comments - Rep. Galonski
00:22:28Q&A - Rep. Seitz
00:27:22Testimony - Alana Jochum, Ohio Business Competes/Equality Ohio
00:32:16Testimony - Gary Daniels, ACLU
00:37:51Testimony - Caleb Hineman, Undergraduate Student Government, The Ohio State University
00:42:37Testimony - Ose Arheghan, Undergraduate Student Government, The Ohio State University
00:45:04Testimony - Aaron Baer, Citizens for Community Values
00:51:11Testimony - Maria Baer
00:55:34Q&A - Rep. Hillyer
00:56:19Testimony - Barry Sheets, Institute for Principled Policy
01:03:55Q&A - Rep. Brown
01:05:23Comments - Rep. Patton
01:07:48Testimony - Rob Kurtz, Mansfield Baptist Temple
01:11:36Testimony - Richard Stratton, Brantwood Baptist Church
01:15:47Testimony - Curt Sharbaugh, First Baptist Church
01:19:06Testimony - John Michael LaRue, First Baptist Church
01:21:32Testimony - Dr. Eric S. Tober, Faith Community Church
01:23:39Q&A - Rep. Patton
01:24:37Testimony - Johnathan Newman, Koinos Christian Fellowship
01:30:00Testimony - Linda Harvey, Mission America
01:36:02Q&A - Rep. Hillyer
01:38:21Comments - Rep. Patton
01:39:19Testimony - Tim Throckmorton
01:51:39Testimony - Doris Peters
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