00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:05Roll Call
00:01:06H. B. No. 488
00:01:29Testimony - John Leutz, County Commissioners Association of Ohio
00:03:52Q&A - Rep. Galonski
00:04:13Q&A - Rep. Seitz
00:04:43Comment - Rep. Hillyer
00:05:20H. B. No. 488 - Vote
00:06:25H. B. No. 441
00:06:43Testimony - Jeff Dillon, Americans for Prosperity
00:12:20Q&A - Rep. Swearingen
00:14:55Q&A - Rep. Cutrona
00:17:24Testimony - Kara Frederick, The Heritage Foundation
00:24:23Q&A - Rep. Brown
00:25:51Q&A - Rep. Seitz
00:33:00Q&A - Rep. Galonski
00:33:50Q&A - Rep. Hillyer
00:36:47Q&A - Rep. Cutrona
00:46:11Q&A - Rep. Galonski
00:46:46Q&A - Rep. Brown
00:46:56Q&A - Rep. Hillyer
00:50:07Q&A - Rep. Seitz
00:53:39Q&A - Skindell
01:00:10Testimony - Tony Long, Ohio Chamber of Commerce
01:03:31Q&A - Rep. Galonski
01:04:32H. B. No. 508
01:04:50Testimony - Karen Zajkowski, Ohio House of Representatives
01:20:50Q&A - Rep. Galonski
01:27:45Comment - Rep. Grendell
01:28:08Q&A - Rep. Swearingen
01:35:24Q&A - Rep. Grendell
01:36:38Q&A - Rep. Stewart
01:43:04Q&A - Rep. Hillyer
01:44:27Q&A - Rep. Galonski
01:47:07Q&A - Rep. White
01:50:08H. B. No. 534
01:50:38Testimony - Rep. Paula Hicks-Hudson
01:53:03Testimony - Rep. Jeffrey Crossman
01:55:55Sub. S. B. No. 224
01:56:04Testimony - Sen. Jerry Cirino
02:01:01Sub. S. B. No. 199
02:01:30Testimony - Sen. Louis Blessing III
02:09:41Q&A - Rep. Stewart
02:11:37H. B. No. 567
02:11:48Testimony - Natalie Fravel, Ohio Clerk of Courts Association (OCCA)
02:12:51Testimony - Branden Meyer, Ohio Clerk of Courts Association (OCCA)
02:13:52Q&A - Rep. Stewart
02:17:00Q&A - Rep. Grendell
02:18:32Q&A - Rep. White
02:23:28Testimony - Jedidiah Bressman, Ohio Association for Justice
02:26:53Comment - Rep. Hillyer
02:27:11H. B. No. 545
02:27:21Testimony - Steve Kelly, Ohio Fire Chief's Association
02:33:18Q&A - Rep. Hillyer
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