00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:02Roll Call
00:00:52S. B. No. 214
00:00:58Testimony - Sen. Kunze
00:04:35H. B. No. 460
00:04:41Substitute Bill - Rep. Hillyer
00:08:05H. B. No. 221
00:08:25Amendment - Rep. Williams
00:09:00H. B. No. 328
00:09:09Amendment - Rep. Plummer
00:10:33H. B. No. 480 & H. B. No. 478
00:10:42Amendment - Rep. Williams
00:11:50Testimony - Gina Wilt, Coalition on Homelessness & Housing in Ohio
00:18:48Q&A - Rep. Williams
00:23:45Testimony - The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
00:31:50Q&A - Rep. Williams
00:37:03Q&A - Rep. Brown
00:38:28Q&A - Rep. Williams
00:45:30Q&A - Rep. Cecil Thomas
00:49:43Q&A - Rep LaRe
00:51:34Testimony - Legal Aid Southeast and Central Ohio
00:58:34Q&A - Rep. Schmidt
01:01:14Q&A - Rep. Humphrey
01:02:42Q&A - Rep. Brown
01:04:47Q&A - Rep. Williams
01:07:14H. B. No. 67
01:07:20Testimony - Lou Tobin, Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association
01:11:38Q&A - Rep. Williams
01:15:19Q&A - Rep. Seitz
01:18:00Q&A - Rep. Williams
01:20:40Q&A - Rep. Humphrey
01:23:17H. B. No. 531
01:23:30Testimony - Rachel Winder, Proponent
01:28:00Testimony - Jeffrey V. Balzer, Buckeye State Sheriffs Association
01:31:40Q&A - Rep. Kevin Miller
01:32:43Testimony - Lou Tobin, Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association
01:36:23Q&A - Rep. Seitz
01:38:10Q&A - Rep. Williams
01:42:15H. B. No. 366
01:42:28Testimony - Alex Boehnke, Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
01:45:14Q&A - Rep. Williams
01:46:16Testimony - Bryan Lindsay, Walgreens
01:50:26Q&A - Rep. Brown
01:51:54Testimony - Steven Berk, Giant Eagle, Inc.
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