00:00:02Convene Session
00:00:35Roll Call
00:01:42Sub. S. B. No. 156
00:01:57Amendment - Rep. Lear
00:03:30Testimony - Brian Ball, City of Mount Vernon Ohio/ Kokosing Scenic River Advisory Council
00:09:53Comment - Rep. Lear
00:10:21Testimony - Emily Kelly, Ohio Environmental Council
00:14:05Q&A - Rep. Kick
00:15:15Testimony - Martin McAllister, Friends of Scioto Brush Creek, Inc.
00:18:43Testimony - Jeff Johnson, Ohio Department of Natural Resources
00:26:32Sub. S. B. No. 119
00:26:43Testimony - Bill Frankart, Seneca County Commissioners
00:36:53Q&A - Rep. J. Miller
00:40:42Q&A - Rep. Lear
00:43:17Q&A - Rep. Sims
00:44:00Comment - Rep. Kick
00:45:08Testimony - Eric Keckler, City of Fostoria
00:48:50Testimony - Robert Podach, City of Fostoria and Seneca County Board of Health
00:53:24Q&A - Rep. Lear
00:56:23Q&A - Rep. Sims
00:57:48Testimony - Gregory J. Cassidy, City of Fostoria
01:03:06Testimony - Susan Platt, Proponent
01:10:20Q&A - Rep. Kick
01:11:19Testimony - Terry Love, Proponent
01:14:40Q&A - Rep. Joe Miller
01:17:06Testimony - Dr. Clay Wolph, Seneca County Board of Health
01:20:05Q&A - Rep. Lear
01:21:50Q&A - Rep. Kick
01:24:08Q&A - Rep. Rogers
01:26:23Q&A - Rep. Sims
01:27:15Testimony - Jack Van Kley, Seneca County Board of Commissioners
01:36:30Q&A - Rep. J. Miller
01:39:14Q&A - Rep. Kick
01:42:10Testimony - Anthony Paradiso, Seneca County Commissioners
01:49:51Q&A - Rep. Lear
01:54:30Q&A - Rep. Kick
01:57:43Q&A - Rep. Rogers
01:59:42Testimony - Jay Gretzinger, Absolute Multi Services
02:07:21Testimony - Ben Nutter, Win Waste Innovations
02:10:21Q&A - Rep. Rogers
02:21:17Q&A - Rep. Kick
02:24:27Q&A - Rep. Sims
02:25:42Testimony - Beth Biggins-Ramer, Organization of Solid Waste Districts of Ohio (OSWDO)
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