00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:02Roll Call
00:01:31H. B. No. 6
00:12:53Comments - Rep. Vitale
00:13:26Comments - Rep. Denson
00:14:42Roll Call - Sub Bill
00:15:38Testimony - Daniel Poneman, Centrus Energy Corp
00:21:43Testimony - Joe Price, TimkenSteel
00:26:02Q&A - Rep. Cross
00:26:40Q&A - Rep. Ghanbari
00:28:56Testimony - Mickey Hamer, Cargill Inc.
00:33:00Testimony - Matt Morris, North Star BlueScope Steel
00:36:56Testimony - Thomas Zaino, Manufacturing Policy Alliance
00:40:06Testimony - Bryan Kresak
00:43:16Q&A - Rep. Stein
00:44:45Testimony - Matt Brakey, Brakey Energy
00:48:08Testimony - Kevin Murray, Industrial Energy Users Ohio
00:56:34Testimony - Mike Kurtz, Ohio Energy Group
01:06:30Testimony - Mark Stahl, Ottowa Co. Commissioners
01:12:24Q&A - Rep. Stein
01:14:28Q&A - Rep. Ghanbari
01:15:32Testimony - Craig Ransom, Fromatome, Inc.
01:21:23Q&A - Rep. Stein
01:23:44Q&A - Rep. Ghanbari
01:25:05Testimony - Sean Campbell, Laborers Local 310
01:28:50Testimony - Dr. Jack Thompson, Perry Local Schools
01:32:00Testimony - Lindsay Humble, First Energy Solutions
01:35:33Testimony - Matt Messenger, First Energy Solutions
01:38:42Testimony - Mark Rantala, Lake Co. Ohio Port and Economic Development Authority
01:43:50Testimony - Mark Kanz, FES-Davis Besse
01:49:28Q&A - Rep. Cross
01:52:07Q&A - Rep. Baldridge
01:53:03Testimony - Alvin Dawson
01:59:06Comments - Rep. Denson
02:00:01Comments - Rep. Vitale
02:01:25Comments - Rep. Leland
02:03:11Testimony - Beth Hannam, Sandusky Co. Economic Development Corp.
02:06:00Q&A - Rep. Cross
02:08:30Q&A - Rep. Leland
02:09:16Q&A - Rep. Weinstein
02:10:01Q&A - Rep. Boggs
02:13:00Testimony - Joe Price, TimkenSteel
02:13:23Q&A - Rep. Boggs
02:19:40Q&A - Rep. Weinstein
02:21:11Q&A - Rep. Hillyer
02:22:25Q&A - Rep. Boggs
02:29:11Q&A - Rep. Leland
02:37:00Testimony - Richard Regovich, City of Willowick
02:42:00Q&A - Rep. Leland
02:46:23Q&A - Rep. Vitale
02:47:30Q&A - Rep. Stein
02:51:14Testimony - John Hughes, Ohio Labors Training Center
02:54:24Testimony - Bryce Tischer, Davis Besse Plant
02:56:56Q&A - Rep. Weinstein
02:59:08Testimony - Joe Zwetolitz, Day and Zimmerman
03:04:12Q&A - Rep. Stein
03:07:59Q&A - Rep. Leland
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