00:00:01Reconvene Session
00:00:20Sub. H. B. No. 6
00:01:20Testimony - K. C. Oxendale, Davis-Besse Plant
00:05:09Testimony - Guy Parmigian, Benton-Carrol-Salem School District
00:09:09Testimony - Fred Peterson, Ottawa County Department of Jobs and Family Services
00:14:41Q&A - Rep. Boggs
00:16:14Testimony - Stephanie Kowal, Ottawa County Departmen of Jobs and Family Services
00:19:14Q&A - Rep. Ghanbari
00:20:46Testimony - Scott Miller, Sandusky County
00:24:52Q&A - Rep. Ghanbari
00:25:42Q&A - Rep. Boggs
00:26:39Testimony - Ron Young, Lake County
00:30:19Q&A - Rep. Stein
00:32:40Q&A - Rep. Leland
00:35:02Testimony - Doug Huey, Davis-Besse
00:38:24Q&A - Rep. Ghanbari
00:40:10Q&A - Rep. Vitale
00:41:43Q&A - Rep. Cross
00:43:53Q&A - Rep. Stein
00:48:27Q&A - Rep. Vitale
00:52:10Q&A - Rep. Leland
00:53:27Q&A - Rep. Vitale
00:54:53Testimony - Alan Scheanwald, Davis-Besse
01:00:05Testimony - Edward Hanlon, Fes-Davis-Besse
01:03:21Testimony - Richard Denning, Interested Party
01:07:49Q&A - Rep. Stein
01:12:23Testimony - James McDonald, Perry Joint Fire District
01:16:49Testimony - Michael Musolf, Allen-Clay Joint Fire District
01:19:23Testimony - John Hammercheck, Lake County
01:23:44Testimony - Matthew Hubbs, Davis-Besse
01:26:43Testimony - Andrew Ohrablo, First Energy Solutions
01:29:42Testimony - Ed Klco, North Perry Village
01:32:10Q&A - Rep. Leland
01:35:40Comments - Rep. Vitale
01:37:45Testimony - Lew Galante, Perry Local Schools
01:40:53Testimony - Tim Brown, Madison Township, Lake County
01:43:18Q&A - Rep. Ghanbari
01:44:33Testimony - Rick Walker, Perry Village
01:47:46Q&A - Rep. Ghanbari
01:50:16Testimony - Shaun Kozlowski, Perry Nuclear Plant
01:52:56Testimony - Roy Blalock, Perryu Nuclear Power Plant
01:57:57Q&A - Rep. Ghanbari
02:00:17Q&A - Rep. Stein
02:01:28Q&A - Rep. Vitale
02:02:35Testimony - Dave Gerren, Davis-Besse
02:14:24Q&A - Rep. Vitale
02:18:36Comments - Rep. Cross
02:21:17Testimony - Madeline Fleisher, Environment Law And Policy Center
02:28:27Q&A - Rep. Leland
02:31:55Q&A - Rep. Vitale
02:39:58Testimony - Chris Neme, Creates Ohio Clean Air Program
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