00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:01Roll Call
00:01:39H. B. No. 454
00:02:55Testimony - Nick Lashutka, Ohio Children's Hospital Association
00:09:05Q&A - Rep. Liston
00:11:45Testimony - Amy Schneider, opponent
00:16:11Q&A - Rep. Humphrey
00:17:30Testimony - Avery Anderson, opponent
00:22:53Q&A - Rep. M. Smith
00:24:06Testimony - Stevie Beck, opponent
00:27:50Q&A - Rep. Click
00:29:02Q&A - Rep. M. Smith
00:30:00Amendment - Rep. Click
00:33:35Q&A - Rep. Liston
00:34:50Amendment - Rep. Click
00:35:40Testimony - Ashton Colby, opponent
00:40:42Testimony - Katheryn Poe, Equality Ohio
00:47:57Q&A - Rep. Humphrey
00:51:42Testimony - Brendan Kelly, opponent
00:55:50Testimony - Mikael and Melissa Mclaren, opponent
01:00:48Q&A - Rep. M. Smith
01:03:41Testimony - Shannon Scott-Miller, opponent
01:08:23Q&A - Rep. M. Smith
01:10:31Q&A - Rep. Liston
01:12:12Q&A - Rep. Click
01:14:08Testimony - Mallory Golski, Kaleidoscope Youth Center
01:19:29Q&A - Rep. Humphrey
01:20:54Q&A - Rep. M. Smith
01:24:33Testimony - Dara Atkinson, TransOhio
01:28:58Q&A - Rep. M. Smith
01:30:13Testimony - Lis Regula, opponent
01:35:37Q&A - Rep. Humphrey
01:36:20Testimony - Stephanie Ash, National Association of Social Workers, Ohio Chapter
01:41:09Q&A - Rep. M. Smith
01:42:18Testimony - Rev. Jeremy Moyers, opponent
01:46:51Testimony - Kat Steiner and Cass Steiner, opponent
01:53:27Q&A - Rep. Humphrey
01:55:05Testimony - Gary Greenberg, opponent
01:58:33Testimony - Nick Zingarelli, opponent
02:04:17Testimony - Sean McCann, ACLU of Ohio
02:09:22Testimony - Giles Roblyer, opponent
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