00:00:01 Convene Session
00:00:39 Call to Roll
00:02:35 Am. Sub. S. B. 243
00:02:43 Testimony: Sen. Kevin Bacon
00:13:45 Q&A
00:14:15 Rep. Grossman
00:15:32 Rep. Matt Lundy
00:19:24 Rep. Dan Ramos
00:22:32 Rep. Jack Cera
00:25:58 Rep. Adams
00:29:22 Rep. Marlene Anielski
00:32:13 Rep. Nickie J. Antonio
00:37:10 Rep. Terry Boose
00:39:32 Rep. Ron Amstutz
00:42:15 Rep. Michael Foley
00:45:16 H. B. 483
00:46:06 Testimony: John L. Martin, Director of Ohio Dept. of Developmental Disabilities
00:55:55 Q&A
00:56:04 Rep. Grossman
00:59:58 Rep. Nickie J. Antonio
01:07:45 Rep. Michael Foley
01:13:36 Rep. Matt Lundy
01:17:34 Testimony: Lance D. Himes, Interim Director of Ohio Dept. of Health
01:30:01 Q&A: Rep. Terry Boose
01:31:00 Rep. Nickie J. Antonio
01:34:04 Rep. Matt Lundy
01:35:36 Rep. Jack Cera
01:36:10 Testimony: Bonnie K. Burman, Director of Ohio Dept. of Aging
01:51:00 Q&A: Rep. Mike Duffey
01:53:58 Rep. Grossman
01:56:02 Rep. Matt Lundy
01:57:32 Rep. Jack Cera
01:59:03 Testimony: Cynthia C. Dungey, Director of Ohio Dept. of Job and Family Services
02:05:39 Q&A: Rep. Grossman
02:07:19 Rep. Michael Foley
02:09:55 Rep. Matt Lundy
02:11:26 Rep. Jack Cera
02:14:10 Sub. H. B. 369
02:14:35 Testimony: Rep. Robert Sprague
02:29:02 Q&A: Rep. Matt Lundy
02:33:01 Rep. Nickie J. Antonio
02:36:20 Testimony: Kent Youngman, Ceo of Mental Health and Recovery Board
02:41:37 Judy Wortham Wood, Executive Director of Mental Health and Recovery Board
02:48:15 William M Denihan, Ceo of Adamhs Board of Cuyahoga County
02:55:49 Linda Pickenpaugh, MHRS Board Serving Belmont, Harrison, and Monroe
03:02:30 Penny Dehner, Associate Director Paint Valley ADAMH Board
03:07:58 Elaine Georgas, Executive Director of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services Board
03:10:00 Q&A: Rep. Nickie J. Antonio
03:14:19 Rep. Michael Foley
03:16:18 Rep. Robert Sprague
03:24:34 Rep. Ron Amstutz
03:24:51 Rep. Matt Lundy
03:25:48 Rep. Sears
03:30:24 Rep. Smith
03:36:37 Testimony: Tracy J. Plouck, Director of Mental and Addiction Services
03:44:10 Q&A: Rep. Ron Amstutz
03:45:07 Rep. Spague
03:46:03 Rep. Smith
03:52:48 Rep. Nickie J. Antonio
03:55:54 Rep. Driehaus
03:58:08 Adjournment
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