00:00:01 Convene Session
00:00:47 Call to Roll
00:02:40 Am. Sub. S. B. No. 150
00:03:19 Testimony: Sen. Peterson
00:05:45 Amendment
00:11:03 H. B. No 483
00:11:39 Testimony: Kyle Parker, Executive Director of the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy
00:25:25 Testimony: William Edwards, Compliance Agent for Ohio State Board of Pharmacy
00:31:20 Q&A: Rep. Grossman
00:33:56 Rep. Matt Lundy
00:36:18 Rep. Ron Amstutz
00:37:10 Testimony: Eddie Philabaun, Executive Director of STAR Community Justice Center
00:41:50 Testimony: Gayle Channing Tennenbaum, Director of Policy and Govenmental Affairs Public Children Services Association of Ohio
00:50:46 Testimony: Joel Potts, Executive Director of Ohio Job and Family Services Directors' Association
00:52:30 Testimony: Bruce Weston Ohio Consumers¿ Counsel
00:57:20 Testimony: Cassandra Holtzmann, Director of Ashland County Department of Job and Family Services
01:04:18 Testimony: Matthew Kurtz, Director of Knox Co. Department of Job & Family Services
01:10:50 Q&A: Rep. Dan Ramos
01:14:50 Rep. Terry Boose
01:18:44 Rep. Ron Amstutz
01:20:55 Rep. Driehaus
01:23:21 Testimony: David F. Ciarlone, Manager, Global Energy Services, Alcoa Inc.
01:31:00 Testimony: Sandy Oxley, C.E.O. of Voices for Ohio¿s Children
01:34:26 Testimony: Eric Karolak, CEO, Action for Children
01:38:52 Testimony: Sam Randazzo, General Counsel for the Industrial Energy Users¿Ohio
01:44:28 Testimony: David F. Boehm On Behalf of the Ohio Energy Group
02:00:05 Q&A: Rep. Duffy
02:02:20 Rep. Michael Foley
02:05:00 Testimony: Kim Bojko, Partner Carpenter Lipps & Leland LLP OMA Energy Counsel
02:10:30 Testimony: David Couch, Superintendent of the Perry and Hocking County Boards of Developmental Disabilities
02:18:15 Testimony: Steve Oster, Superintendent Knox and Coshocton County Boards of DD
02:22:10 Testimony: Casey Claxon, President Coshocton County Boards of DD
02:25:43 Q&A: Rep. Driehaus
02:26:48 Testimony: Amy Spiller, Deputy General Counsel - Duke Energy
02:39:42 Q&A: Rep. Jack Cera
02:42:25 Rep. Michael Foley
02:47:08 Rep. Ron Maag
02:49:10 Testimony: Kim Fender, Chair of the Ohio Library Council¿s Government Relations Committee
02:53:30 Q&A: Rep. Terry Boose
02:55:25 Rep. Marlene Anielski
02:56:30 Rep. Driehaus
02:58:10 Rep. Matt Lundy
03:02:00 Testimony: Roger Archbold, Strategic Alliance Manager for Microsoft¿s education team
03:08:00 Q&A: Rep. Michael Foley
03:09:50 Testimony: Kysten Palmore, the President of the Ohio Association of Local Reentry Coalitions
03:15:05 Testimony: Scott Sylak, Executive Director Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Lucas County
03:21:10 Testimony: Zach Schiller, Research director at Policy Matters Ohio
03:26:10 Q&A: Rep. Timothy Derickson
03:27:40 Rep. Jack Cera
03:29:00 Testimony: Bill Callahan, Director of Connect Your Community Transition Initiative
03:39:07 Q&A: Rep Michael Foley
03:41:00 Testimony: Doug Mosier, Corrections Officer for Mansfield Correctional Institution
03:44:30 Q&A: Rep. Michael Foley
03:46:50 Rep. Terry Boose
03:47:55 Rep. Matt Lundy
03:50:30 Sub. H. B. No. 369
03:51:45 Testimony: Marcie Seidel, Director of Drug Free Action Alliance
03:58:15 Adjournment
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