00:00:00Convene committee
00:00:05Roll call
00:01:29Sub. S.B. No. 135
00:01:44Testimony - Sen. Frank LaRose
00:13:29Q&A - Rep. Gary Scherer
00:15:25Followup - Rep. Gary Scherer
00:17:03Q&A - Rep. Smith
00:19:00Q&A - Rep. George F. Lang
00:21:15Q&A - Rep. Rogers
00:23:22Q&A - Rep. Jack Cera
00:29:16Testimony - Gary Lee, Commissioners Association of Ohio
00:34:10Q&A - Rep. Jack Cera
00:35:18Q&A - Rep. Alicia Reece
00:37:12Followup - Rep. Alicia Reece
00:38:40Q&A - Rep. Rick Perales
00:40:10Followup - Rep. Rick Perales
00:41:30Testimony - Stephanie Krider, Office of Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted
00:43:56Q&A - Rep. Dan Ramos
00:45:00Followup - Rep. Ryan
00:46:10Q&A - Rep. Steve Arndt
00:46:54Q&A - Rep. Jack Cera
00:49:52Followup - Rep. Jack Cera
00:50:51Q&A - Rep. Alicia Reece
00:53:05Followup - Rep. Alicia Reece
00:54:47Q&A - Rep. Mark J. Romanchuk
00:55:33Followup - Rep. Mark J. Romanchuk
00:56:08Q&A - Rep. Gary Scherer
00:57:45Testimony - Dan Troy, County Commissioners Association of Ohio
01:02:08Q&A - Rep. Jack Cera
01:06:08Followup - Rep. Jack Cera
01:07:43Followup - Rep. Jack Cera
01:10:26Q&A - Rep. Mark J. Romanchuk
01:11:55Q&A - Rep. John Patterson
01:15:11Q&A - Rep. Dan Ramos
01:18:55Testimony - Tim Ward, County Commissioners Association of Ohio
01:21:37Q&A - Rep. George F. Lang
01:24:33Q&A - Rep. Rogers
01:27:18Q&A - Rep. Jack Cera
01:29:37Followup - Rep. Jack Cera
01:32:24Followup - Rep. Jack Cera
01:35:28Testimony - Ed Leonard, Ohio Association of Elections Officials
01:39:32Q&A - Rep. Dan Ramos
01:42:57Q&A - Rep. George F. Lang
01:44:00Followup - Rep. George F. Lang
01:45:10Q&A - Rep. Miller
01:49:11H.B. No. 643
01:49:36Testimony - Rep. Steve Arndt
01:54:46Testimony - Rep. John Patterson
02:01:10Q&A - Rep. Dan Ramos
02:05:11Followup - Rep. Dan Ramos
02:07:19Q&A - Rep. Dan Ramos
02:11:00Q&A - Rep. Jack Cera
02:14:00Followup - Rep. Jack Cera
02:15:50Testimony - Tony Seegers, Ohio Farm Bureau
02:25:18Testimony - Tracy Freeman, The Nature Conservancy in Ohio
02:30:10Testimony - Kristy Meyer, Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund
02:33:35Q&A - Rep. John Patterson
02:35:25Testimony - Kris Swartz, Wood County Soil & Water Conservation District
02:36:15Testimony - Mike Libben, Ottawa County Soil & Water Conservation District
02:38:18Q&A - Rep. Jack Cera
02:38:37Followup - Rep. Jack Cera
02:39:13Followup - Rep. Jack Cera
02:39:43Q&A - Rep. John Patterson
02:41:31Testimony - Ronald Wyss, Lake Erie Foundation
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