00:00:16Roll Call
00:02:07SB 310 - Rep. Jack Cera
00:04:27Roll Call
00:06:00Rep. Driehaus
00:07:35Roll Call - SB 310
00:10:30SB 315 Testimony - Sen. Manning
00:12:54SB 315 Testimony - Director Jerry Wray, Ohio Department of Transportation
00:19:43Q&A - Rep. Grossman
00:26:00Q&A - Rep. Mike Dovilla
00:27:50Q&A - Rep. Alicia Reece
00:39:30Q&A - Rep. Marlene Anielski
00:40:28Q&A - Rep. Nickie J. Antonio
00:45:15Q&A - Rep. Jack Cera
00:53:17Q&A - Rep. Driehaus
00:56:53Q&A - Rep. Dan Ramos
01:00:06Testimony HB 475 - John Daughtery, Greater Columbus Film Commission
01:03:33Q&A - Rep. Robert R. Cupp
01:05:04Testimony HB 475 - Ivan Schwarz, Greater Cleveland Film Commission
01:12:17Q&A - Rep. Nickie J. Antonio
01:17:01Q&A - Rep. Grossman
01:19:46Q&A - Rep. Robert Sprague
01:22:40Q&A - Rep. Mike Dovilla
01:28:34Q&A - Rep. Alicia Reece
01:39:23Q&A - Rep. Jack Cera
01:45:00Q&A - Rep. Mark J. Romanchuk
01:48:34Testimony HB 475 - Brian O'Leary, NBC Universal
01:58:56HB 483 - Rep. Robert Sprague
02:02:53HB 483 - Rep. Alicia Reece
02:04:29Testimony HB 483 - Monty Blanton, OCSEA
02:10:18Q&A - Rep. Sears
02:22:29Q&A - Rep. Nickie J. Antonio
02:34:43Testimony HB 483 - Gary Smith, Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities
02:41:12Q&A - Rep. Robert Sprague
02:44:02Testimony HB 483 - Peter Van Runkle, Ohio Center for Intellectual Disabilities
02:52:01Testimony HB 483 - Barb Nash, Ohio Nurses Association
02:58:50Q&A - Rep. Sears
03:02:35Q&A - Rep. Mark J. Romanchuk
03:05:45Testimony HB XX - Director Tim Keen, Office of Budget Management
03:24:11Q&A - Rep. Mark J. Romanchuk
03:25:26Q&A - Rep. Jack Cera
03:27:13Q&A - Rep. Mark J. Romanchuk
03:29:44Q&A - Rep. Jack Cera
03:33:46Q&A - Rep. Driehaus
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