00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:29Roll Call
00:01:00H. B. No. 33
00:01:31Testimony - Jason Warner, Greater Ohio Policy Center
00:06:05Q&A - Rep. Troy
00:07:06Q&A - Rep. J. Miller
00:10:13Q&A - Rep. Pavliga
00:11:54Q&A - Rep. Peterson
00:13:34Q&A - Rep. Jones
00:15:35Testimony - Matt Misicka, Ohio Conservation Federation
00:19:47Q&A - Rep. Troy
00:21:40Testimony - Amalie Lipstreu, Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association
00:27:31Q&A - Rep. Troy
00:28:28Q&A - Rep. Pavliga
00:30:31Testimony - Naveed Iqbal, DOLR
00:33:25Testimony - Jeff Duling, Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts
00:38:38Q&A - Rep. Troy
00:41:19Q&A - Rep. Peterson
00:43:34Q&A - Rep. Jones
00:45:43Q&A - Rep. J. Miller
00:46:27Testimony - Brian Housh, Ohio Trails Partnership
00:52:29Q&A - Rep. Jones
00:55:41Q&A - Rep. J. Miller
00:59:26Q&A - Rep. Troy
01:02:08Testimony - Dr. Jim Linne, Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association
01:07:44Q&A - Rep. Pavliga
01:12:13Q&A - Rep. Peterson
01:14:15Comments - Rep. Jones
01:14:40Testimony - Chris Knezevic, NAIOP-Commercial Real Estate Development Association
01:20:08Q&A - Rep. Troy
01:23:10Q&A - Rep. J. Miller
01:25:48Testimony - Rod Arter, Ohio Fairs Managers Association
01:30:56Q&A - Rep. Pavliga
01:32:27Q&A - Rep. Peterson
01:32:45Q&A - Rep. Jones
01:34:45Q&A - Rep. Troy
01:37:15Testimony - Brenda Metcalf, The Environmental Education Council of Ohio
01:41:21Q&A - Rep. J. Miller
01:43:39Q&A - Rep. Jones
01:46:15Testimony - Amy Hamrick, Richland County Land Bank
01:52:13Q&A - Rep. Troy
01:55:43Testimony - Tom Mignery, Burgess & Niple, Inc.
02:01:16Q&A - Rep. Troy
02:03:47Q&A - Rep. Jones
02:07:41Q&A - Rep. Troy
02:09:43Testimony - Amy Klaben, Move to Prosper
02:15:52Q&A - Rep. Pavliga
02:23:30Testimony - Rebecca Mellino, The Nature Conservancy in Ohio
02:28:19Q&A - Rep. Jones
02:29:28Testimony - Dr. Lauren Kinsman-Costello, The Lake Erie and Aquatic Research Network (L.E.A.R.N.)
02:36:01Q&A - Rep. Troy
02:37:53Testimony - Stephanie Kromer, Ohio Oil & Gas Association
02:43:39Q&A - Rep. Troy
02:47:18Testimony - Chris Zeigler, American Petroleum Institute - Ohio
02:49:20Testimony - Bryan Stubbs, Cleveland Water Alliance
02:54:50Q&A - Rep. Troy
02:58:19Testimony - Ann Aquillo, The Ohio Manufacturers Association
03:01:55Q&A - Rep. Jones
03:02:22Q&A - Rep. Troy
03:02:52Testimony - Paul Mechling, Ohio Division of Forestry
03:09:13Q&A - Rep. Troy
03:10:48Q&A - Rep. Jones
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