00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:13Roll Call
00:00:46H.B. No. 166
00:02:03Testimony - Miranda Motter, President and CEO of OAHP
00:09:09Testimony - Dr. Brad Lucas, Medical Director, Buckeye Health Plan
00:12:38Testimony - Karin Vanzant, Integrated Community Partnerships for Caresource
00:18:05Testimony - Amy Conn, Vice President, Network Mangagement for Molina Healthcare of Ohio
00:24:33Testimony - Dr. Dee Ann Bialecki-Haase, Chief Medical Office for Paramount Advantage
00:29:19Testimony - Tracy Davidson, Ceo, United Healthcare Community Plan of Ohio
00:35:28Q&A - Rep. West
00:48:33Q&A - Rep. Lipps
01:00:20Q&A - Rep. Kelly
01:09:18Q&A - Rep. Roemer
01:11:50Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
01:37:22Q&A - Rep. West
01:54:05Testimony - Nick Lashutka, President & CEO, Ohio Children's Hospital Association
01:58:32Testimony - Scott Borgemenke, Senior Vice President Advocacy Ohio Hospital Association
02:01:27Q&A - Rep. West
02:04:24Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
02:06:59Testimony - Judith Van Ginkel, President, Every Child Succeeds
02:12:23Q&A - Rep. Kelly
02:13:16Q&A - Rep. West
02:16:42Reconvene Session
02:17:16Testimony - Jan Dougherty, Summit County Board of Development Disabilities
02:24:46Q&A - Rep. West
02:27:00Testimony - Dr. Bill Cotton, Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
02:30:24Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
02:31:06Testimony - Sean Harris, President Ohio Association for Justice
02:35:54Q&A - Rep. West
02:36:29Testimony - Lora Miller, Director of Governmental Affairs & Public Relations Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
02:41:57Testimony - Ken Whittemore, Vice President Professional & Regulatory Affairs Surescripts
02:46:21Q&A - Rep. West
02:48:18Q&A - Rep. Lipps
02:51:16Q&A - Rep. Roemer
02:52:55Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
02:54:18Q&A - Rep. Lipps
02:55:24Testimony - Jeff Stephens, Ohio Government Relations Director American Cancer Society
03:01:43Testimony - Michael Kirkman, Executive Director Disability Rights Ohio
03:04:31Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
03:07:34Testimony - Mary Thompson-Hufford, CEO of the Fuse Network
03:13:23Testimony - Justin Blumhorst, Capabilities and the Ohio Provider Resources Association
03:24:02Testimony - Joe Russell, Executive Director, Ohio Council for Home Care and Hospice
03:29:57Testimony - Mike Vallee, Ceo of your Choice Health Care Group
03:33:52Testimony - David Besancon, Director of Business Operations at Maxim Healthcare Services
03:36:55Q&A - Rep. Lipps
03:37:47Testimony - Lisa Sowers, HR Office Manager at Constance Care
03:43:17Testimony - Craig Colton, Ceo, Patriot Homecare
03:47:56Testimony - LIsa Green, Executive Director, Eliza Jennings Senior Care Netork
03:50:56Testimony - Wanda Whetsel, Ross County Home Health
03:55:17Testimony - Tracy Najera, Children's Defense Fund-Ohio, Executive Director
04:05:47Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
04:07:07Testimony - Tracey Rowe, Cincinnati Early Learning Centers
04:11:10Q&A - Rep. Kelly
04:13:42Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
04:14:54Testimony - Marybeth Bush, Professional Family Child Care Provider & Early Childhood Specialist
04:21:28Testimony - Misti Norman, Heavenly Kids Center for Learning
04:27:54Q&A - Rep. Kelly
04:30:38Testimony - Anthony Dibiase, Interested Party
04:33:00Testimony - Michelle Cotterman, Interested Party
04:35:05Testimony - Lindsey Evans, Interested Party
04:37:34Q&A - Rep. West
04:38:03Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
04:39:41Q&A - Rep. West
04:41:46Testimony - Terry Allen, First Year Cleveland
04:47:59Testimony - Katherine ungar, JD, Executive Director, Preventing Tobacco Addiction Foundation/Tobacco21
04:52:37Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
04:53:34Testimony - Cindy Jenkins Gramke, Executive Director & CEO, Clermont Senior Services, INC
05:02:45Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
05:04:40Comments - Rep. West
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