00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:10Roll Call
00:01:09H. B. No. 33
00:01:21Testimony - Kara Wente, Governor's Children Initiative
00:11:16Q&A - Rep. Isaacsohn
00:16:34Q&A - Rep. Dobos
00:17:51Q&A - Rep. White
00:26:50Q&A - Rep. Robinson
00:31:01Q&A - Rep. Richardson
00:37:05Q&A - Rep. Isaacsohn
00:42:47Q&A - Rep. White
00:48:04Q&A - Rep. Richardson
00:50:31Q&A - Rep. White
00:51:39Q&A - Rep. Richardson
00:56:14Testimony - Michelle Bieber, Ohio Association of Child Care Providers (OACCP)
01:03:12Q&A - Rep. Isaacsohn
01:04:12Q&A - Rep. Richardson
01:04:56Q&A - Rep. Isaacsohn
01:07:58Q&A - Rep. White
01:14:11Testimony - Lynanne Gutierrez, Groundwork Ohio
01:22:10Q&A - Rep. Isaacsohn
01:26:22Q&A - Rep. Richardson
01:32:13Q&A - Rep. White
01:39:48Q&A - Rep. Richardson
01:45:30Testimony - Lisa Gray, Ohio Excels
01:52:24Q&A - Rep. Isaacsohn
01:58:16Q&A - Rep. Richardson
02:04:04Q&A - Rep. White
02:10:24Testimony - Ginger Young, The Childhood League Center
02:15:30Q&A - Rep. Dobos
02:19:31Q&A - Rep. Isaacsohn
02:21:04Q&A - Rep. Richardson
02:23:15Testimony - Diane Ingber, The Childhood League Center
02:27:15Testimony - David Taylor, Dayton Early College Academy
02:34:48Q&A - Rep. Isaacsohn
02:38:26Q&A - Rep. Robinson
02:43:25Q&A - Rep. White
02:53:19Q&A - Rep. Richardson
02:53:47Comments - Rep. Dobos
02:54:26Testimony - Lujain Abudulwahed, Dayton Early College Academy
03:00:24Comments - Rep. Richardson
03:00:52Testimony - Jane Christyson, Girl Scouts of North East Ohio
03:06:24Testimony - Fallon Pulley, Girl Scouts of North East Ohio
03:08:39Comments - Rep. Dobos
03:09:23Q&A - Rep. Richardson
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