00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:10Roll Call
00:01:07H. B. No. 33
00:02:02Testimony - Teresa Lampl, The Ohio Council of Behavioral Health and Family Services Providers
00:07:29Q&A - Rep. Dani Isaacsohn
00:09:28Q&A - Rep. Andrea White
00:13:00Q&A - Rep. Tracy M. Richardson
00:18:22Testimony - Megan Kleidon, Red Oak Behavioral Health
00:23:25Q&A - Rep. Dani Isaacsohn
00:27:13Q&A - Rep. Andrea White
00:30:47Q&A - Rep. Tracy M. Richardson
00:33:36Testimony - Heather Fairs, Ohio School Counselor Association
00:39:02Q&A - Rep. Phillip M. Robinson, Jr.
00:41:40Q&A - Rep. Tracy M. Richardson
00:45:31Q&A - Rep. Andrea White
00:50:18Testimony - Olyvia Frederick, CarePortal
00:55:50Q&A - Rep. Tracy M. Richardson
00:57:50Testimony - Abbie Sigmon, Ohio Association for Gifted Children
01:03:20Q&A - Rep. Tracy M. Richardson
01:05:10Q&A - Rep. Dani Isaacsohn
01:07:54Q&A - Rep. Dave Dobos
01:08:55Testimony - Dan Dodd, Ohio Alliance of Independent Schools
01:11:42Q&A - Rep. Andrea White
01:13:22Q&A - Rep. Phillip M. Robinson, Jr.
01:19:00Q&A - Rep. Dani Isaacsohn
01:25:11Q&A - Rep. Tracy M. Richardson
01:28:17Q&A - Rep. Andrea White
01:30:40Testimony - Shawn Lenney, Greater Ohio Virtual School
01:36:47Q&A - Rep. Tracy M. Richardson
01:37:43Q&A - Rep. Phillip M. Robinson, Jr.
01:41:23Testimony - Marie Hanna, Ohio Connections Academy
01:46:36Testimony - Traci Woodard, Ohio Connections Academy
01:51:52Testimony - Rosemary Rooker, Findlay Digital Academy
01:58:38Q&A - Rep. Dave Dobos
01:59:24Q&A - Rep. Andrea White
02:02:27Testimony - Jennifer Hogue, Ohio School Boards Association
02:09:47Q&A - Rep. Andrea White
02:12:58Testimony - Katie Johnson, Ohio Association of School Business Officials
02:13:59Testimony - Paul Imhoff, Buckeye Association of School Administrators
02:15:05Q&A - Rep. Tracy M. Richardson
02:15:37Q&A - Rep. Dani Isaacsohn
02:16:49Q&A - Rep. Tracy M. Richardson
02:17:35Q&A - Rep. Phillip M. Robinson, Jr.
02:19:58Q&A - Rep. Tracy M. Richardson
02:22:33Testimony - Braxton Simmons, Interested Party
02:26:47Q&A - Rep. Dani Isaacsohn
02:28:58Testimony - Lisa Hinkelman, Ruling Our eXperiences (ROX)
02:33:53Q&A - Rep. Phillip M. Robinson, Jr.
02:35:10Testimony - Joan Wasser Gish, Boston College Center for Thriving Children, Home of City Connects
02:39:49Testimony - Jillian Lane, Marian University - Center for Vibrant Schools
02:43:16Q&A - Rep. Andrea White
02:45:39Testimony - Tiffany McCleese, School Nutrition Association of Ohio
02:52:09Testimony - Daryn Guarino, Alexander Local School District
02:55:40Q&A - Rep. Tracy M. Richardson
02:57:02Testimony - Alexis Weber, Austintown Local Schools
03:01:41Testimony - Doug Hale, Chesapeake Union Exempted Village School District
03:05:47Q&A - Rep. Dani Isaacsohn
03:09:33Q&A - Rep. Tracy M. Richardson
03:13:02Q&A - Rep. Andrea White
03:19:01Testimony - Paul Palomba, The Ohio 8 Coalition
03:26:07Q&A - Rep. Andrea White
03:28:35Testimony - Doug Hale, Chesapeake Union Exempted Village School District
03:32:32Testimony - Jamie Shields, Chesapeake Union Exempted Village School District
03:37:04Testimony - Greg Sullivan, Chesapeake High School
03:39:57Testimony - Avonn Booker, Chesapeake High School
03:44:26Q&A - Rep. Tracy M. Richardson
03:45:00Testimony - Andrew Plantz, Chesapeake High School
03:49:19Testimony - Mylee Hall, Chesapeake High School
03:53:17Testimony - Erin Hicks, Chesapeake High School
03:57:12Q&A - Rep. Dani Isaacsohn
03:59:08Q&A - Rep. Andrea White
04:00:13Q&A - Rep. Phillip M. Robinson, Jr.
04:03:06Testimony - Tony Podojil, Alliance for High Quality Education
04:09:02Q&A - Rep. Phillip M. Robinson, Jr.
04:14:44Testimony - A.J. Calderone, LaBrae Local School District
04:21:40Testimony - John V. Barbo, Proponent
04:28:05Testimony - Dena Sico, Proponent
04:34:02Q&A - Rep. Dani Isaacsohn
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