00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:03Roll Call
00:00:54H. B. No. 433
00:01:09Testimony - Rep. Willis Blackshear
00:04:51Q&A - Rep. Skindell
00:06:15H. B. No. 392
00:06:29Testimony - Lou Tobin, Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association
00:11:46Q&A - Rep. Humphrey
00:13:07Q&A - Rep. Brown
00:16:57Q&A - Rep. Issacsohn
00:21:08Q&A - Rep. Seitz
00:24:09Q&A - Rep. Humphrey
00:26:49Testimony - Dennis Watkins, Trumbull Co. Prosecutor
00:35:11At Ease
00:35:26Testimony - Dave Yost, Ohio Attorney General
00:45:36Q&A - Rep. Brown
00:48:02Q&A - Rep. Cross
00:49:55Q&A - Rep. Seitz
00:51:59H. C. R. No. 14
00:52:21H. B. No. 471
00:52:55Testimony - Tony Schroeder, Putnam County Board of Elections
00:54:50Q&A - Rep. Peterson
00:55:09Q&A - Rep. Grim
00:58:43Q&A - Rep. Brown
01:00:35Q&A - Rep. Seitz
01:01:56Q&A - Rep. Cross
01:04:48Testimony - Robert Wood, Proponent
01:09:00H. B. No. 467
01:09:22Testimony - Tony Schroeder, Putnam County Board of Elections
01:11:38Q&A - Rep. Grim
01:18:29Q&A - Rep. Peterson
01:19:05Q&A - Rep. Brown
01:19:58H. B. No. 367
01:20:14H. B. No. 499
01:20:28Testimony - Vince Squillace, Ohio Home Builders Association
01:25:53Q&A - Rep. Issacsohn
01:29:02Testimony - Elizabeth Baumgartner, The Ohio Chamber of Commerce
01:32:42Q&A - Rep. Seitz
01:34:34Q&A - Rep. Issacsohn
01:35:35Testimony - Gina Wilt, Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio
01:41:05Testimony - Luke Blocher, Cincinnati Development Fund
01:46:28Q&A - Rep. Issacsohn
01:48:43Q&A - Rep. Hoops
01:50:24H. B. No. 609
01:50:34Testimony - Rep. Brett Hillyer
01:53:47Q&A - Rep. Brown
01:57:41Q&A - Rep. Grim
01:59:25Q&A - Rep. Issacsohn
02:04:39Q&A - Rep. Seitz
02:06:38Q&A - Rep. Peterson
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