00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:25Roll Call
00:01:10S. B. No. 272
00:01:28Testimony - Sen. Louis Blessing III
00:05:44S. B. No. 260
00:06:01Testimony - Sen. Steve Huffman
00:08:26Q&A - Rep. Ginter
00:10:15Testimony - Jessica Warner, Ohio Right to Life
00:22:08Testimony - Lindsey D. Rerko, DO
00:26:13Testimony - Margie Christia, Dayton Right to Life
00:30:27Q&A - Rep. Carruthers
00:31:50Testimony - Barry Sheets, Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio
00:34:33Am. S. B. No. 302
00:34:45Testimony - Sen. Nickie Antonio
00:36:45Testimony - Sen. John Eklund
00:44:16Q&A - Rep. Grendell
00:46:19Comments - Rep. Lipps
00:47:20Testimony - Ronald F. Budzik, Jr. M. D.
00:53:00Q&A - Rep. Clites
00:57:29S. C. R. No. 5
00:57:43Testimony - Sen. Tim Schaffer
01:00:45Testimony - Rep. Adam Miller
01:03:47Q&A - Rep. Grendell
01:04:45Q&A - Rep. Antani
01:06:10S. C. R. No. 5 - Vote
01:07:15Am. S. B. No. 263
01:07:34Testimony - Sen. Bob Hackett
01:10:14Q&A - Rep. Grendell
01:11:57Testimony - Julie Dirossi-King, Ohio Association of Community Health Centers
01:15:57Testimony - Robert Yoho, Hopewell Health Centers
01:17:00Am. S. B. No. 263 - Vote
01:18:05H. C. R. No. 25
01:18:48Testimony - Ronald Hummons
01:26:39Q&A - Sen. Holmes
01:33:28Q&A - Rep. Upchurch
01:35:58Comments - Rep. Carruthers
01:38:00Testimony - Amy Samuelson
01:44:22Testimony - Atticus Williams
01:48:53Testimony - Burr Robinson
01:51:40Testimony - Darrea Ragland
01:53:51S. B. No. 258
01:54:22Testimony - Mark Babula, Ohio Psychological Association
01:58:56Testimony - Ronald Ross, Ph.D., CPM, State Board of Psychology
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