00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:01Roll Call
00:00:34Comments - Rep. Young
00:01:30H. B. No. 98
00:01:51Testimony - Mary Winch Korff, Salem High School Alumni Association
00:07:18Q&A - Rep. Pavliga
00:09:28Q&A - Rep. Lightbody
00:11:57Q&A - Rep. Williams
00:12:32Q&A - Rep. Weinstein
00:14:46Q&A - Rep. Miller
00:17:39Q&A - Rep. Young
00:19:20H. B. No. 27
00:19:53H. B. No. 6
00:20:29Testimony - Dara Adkinson, Trans Ohio
00:25:12Q&A - Rep. Williams
00:29:20Q&A - Rep. Robinson
00:36:59Testimony - Christina Lopez, Opponent
00:42:19Q&A - Rep. Weinstein
00:43:31Q&A - Rep. Williams
00:47:33Q&A - Rep. Lightbody
00:48:32Q&A - Rep. Santucci
00:49:48Testimony - Malia Lewis, Cleveland Heights-University Heights City Schools
00:53:54Q&A - Rep. Miller
00:56:05Q&A - Rep. Lightbody
00:57:57Q&A - Rep. Robinson
00:59:22Testimony - Mariah Payne, Ohio Counselor Association & Society for Sexual, Affectional, Intersex, and Gender Expansive Identities of Ohio
01:03:52Q&A - Rep. Dean
01:05:03Testimony - Rev. Jess Peacock, Community Church of Chesterland, United Church of Christ
01:09:43Q&A - Rep. Dean
01:12:17Q&A - Rep. Lightbody
01:13:42Testimony - Rev. Alice Connor, The Rt. Rev. Wayne Smith, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio
01:19:03Q&A - Rep. Lightbody
01:20:20Q&A - Rep. Bird
01:21:01Testimony - Maria Bruno, Equality Ohio
01:26:18Q&A - Rep. Dean
01:26:56Testimony - Cole-Finley Nelson, Opponent
01:31:58Q&A - Rep. Lightbody
01:32:40Q&A - Rep. Miller
01:34:17Q&A - Rep. Young
01:34:58Testimony - Lane Shirrell, Kaleidoscope Youth Center
01:38:38Q&A - Rep. Lightbody
01:39:09Q&A - Rep. Manning
01:41:04Testimony - Sean McCann, ACLU of Ohio
01:45:38Q&A - Rep. Miller
01:48:44Q&A - Rep. Lightbody
01:49:26Q&A - Rep. Bird
01:53:13Q&A - Rep. Robinson
01:54:40Testimony - Melissa Kelley, Opponent
01:58:28Q&A - Rep. Manning
02:01:35Testimony - Rev. Jacqui Buschor, Hunger Network in Ohio
02:05:47Q&A - Rep. Miller
02:07:10Q&A - Rep. Williams
02:12:38Comments - Rep. Lightbody
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