00:00:00Roll Call
00:01:14Sub. H.B. No. 24
00:01:29Amendment - Rep. Barhorst
00:02:32Sub. H.B. No. 24 - Vote
00:03:33H.B. No. 474
00:03:38Testimony - Rep. King
00:06:54Testimony - Rep. Matthews
00:09:38Q&A - Rep. Dobos
00:11:57Q&A - Rep. Barhorst
00:13:09Q&A - Rep. Whitted
00:14:40Q&A - Rep. Brennan
00:15:54Q&A - Rep. Ghanbari
00:18:58Sub. S.B. No. 175
00:19:05Testimony - Michael Farley, Ohio Insurance Institute
00:26:49Q&A - Rep. Brennan
00:29:20Testimony - Patricia Adams, National American Pet Health Insurance Association
00:34:07H.B. No. 400
00:34:37Testimony - Elizabeth Lively, Dialysis Patient Citizens
00:40:43Testimony - Diana Arevalo, The ALS Association
00:45:03Testimony - Erin Dittoe
00:53:05H.B. No. 505
00:53:25Testimony - Donald Sullivan, Phd, RPh, The Ohio State University
00:57:49Q&A - Rep. Barhorst
00:58:53Testimony - Jason Rapert
01:04:33Q&A - Rep. Santucci
01:06:52Q&A - Rep. Dobos
01:10:49Q&A - Rep. Lorenz
01:15:26Q&A - Rep. Barhorst
01:18:00Testimony - Joe Craft
01:23:48Q&A - Rep. Barhorst
01:27:42Testimony - Bryan Thompson, RPh, The Medicines Shoppe and Resident Care Pharmacies
01:30:36Testimony - Dale Bertke, Schweiterman Pharmacy
01:35:40Q&A - Rep. Barhorst
01:37:38Testimony - David Burke, Ohio Pharmacists Association
01:43:58Testimony - Casey McFadden, McFadden Pharmacy
01:49:48Testimony - Ernest Sparks
01:52:16Testimony - Larry Schieber, Schieber Family Pharmacy
01:55:53Q&A - Rep. Barhorst
01:57:12Testimony - Patrick Kovacs, Cheffy Drugs
02:03:37Testimony - Robin Craft
02:08:58Comment - Rep. Whited
02:09:10Testimony - Sarah Priestle
02:11:37Testimony - Todd Tackage
02:15:40Testimony - Katie Perry
02:21:06Testimony - Tim Sheehan
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