00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:08Roll Call
00:02:57H. B. No. 676
00:04:05H. B. No. 673
00:04:49H. B. No. 671
00:05:35H. B. No. 624
00:06:25Testimony - Heather Groves
00:10:49Q&A - Rep. Russo
00:12:45H. B. No. 621
00:14:40Reconvene Session
00:14:47H. B. No. 680
00:15:02Amendment - Rep. Hambley
00:20:47Q&A - Rep. Russo
00:23:54At Ease
00:24:00Reconvene Session
00:24:07Comments - Rep. Russo
00:26:13Comments - Rep. Wiggam
00:27:07Comments - Rep. Russo
00:27:36Comments - Rep. Kelly
00:28:26Amendment - Rep. Skindell
00:32:41Amendment - Rep. Sobecki
00:34:13Q&A - Rep. Hambley
00:34:40Amendment - Rep. Sobecki
00:35:27Amendment - Rep. Kelly
00:36:49Q&A - Rep. Greenspan
00:37:09Comments - Rep. Hambley
00:37:55Comments - Rep. Skindell
00:38:33Comments - Rep. Russo
00:39:39Amendment - Rep. Kelly
00:40:40Comments - Rep. Smith
00:42:20Comments - Rep. Russo
00:43:00Comments - Rep. Smith
00:44:06Amendment - Rep. Sobecki
00:45:06Comments - Rep. Hambley
00:49:05Amendment - Rep. Sobecki
00:50:15Comments - Rep. Kelly
00:51:23Comments - Rep. Sobecki
00:52:03Q&A - Rep. Wilkin
00:52:45Comments - Rep. Kelly
00:53:16Comments - Rep. Stephens
00:54:21Comments - Rep. Kelly
00:56:01Comments - Rep. Russo
00:56:33Q&A - Rep. Hambley
00:57:06Comments - Rep. Kelly
00:59:16Testimony - Frank LaRose, Secretary of State
01:09:20Q&A - Rep. Russo
01:14:01Q&A - Rep. Kelly
01:17:13Q&A - Rep. Becker
01:23:36Q&A - Rep. Sobecki
01:26:14Testimony - Michelle Wilcox, Ohio Association of Election Officials
01:28:44Testimony - Robert Frost, Ohio Association of Election Officials
01:31:07Q&A - Rep. Swearingen
01:33:24Q&A - Rep. Hambley
01:37:23Q&A - Rep. Kelly
01:39:24Testimony - Patricia Foster
01:45:24Testimony - Mark Sigrist
01:49:52Testimony - Jen Miller, League of Women Voters of Ohio
01:58:45Q&A - Rep. Russo
02:02:30Q&A - Rep. Greenspan
02:05:00Testimony - Stella Shaw, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio
02:11:50Q&A - Rep. Swearingen
02:12:34Testimony - Abby Lefton
02:17:14Testimony - Deacon Nick Bates, Hunger Network in Ohio
02:23:05Testimony - Mia Lewis, Common Cause Ohio
02:26:13Q&A - Rep. Hambley
02:30:04Testimony - Gary Daniels, ACLU
02:40:37Comments - Rep. Wiggam
02:41:20Q&A - Rep. Russo
02:45:29Q&A - Rep. Smith
02:48:50Testimony - Brad Henry, Get The Vote Out
02:52:50Testimony - Brandi Slaughter, Ohio Council of Churches
02:57:30Testimony - Jeff Wensing, The Ohio Education Association
03:00:55Testimony - Joe Mallory, NAACP Cincinnati
03:19:35Q&A - Rep. Kelly
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