00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:04Roll Call
00:01:10Comments - Rep. Wiggam
00:04:19H. B. No. 322
00:04:40Amendment - Rep. Wilkin
00:05:10Objection - Rep. Kelly
00:05:41Amendment - Vote
00:06:19Amendment - Rep. Wiggam
00:06:49Q&A - Rep. Kelly
00:08:05Comments - Rep. Wiggam
00:08:17Objection - Rep. Kelly
00:08:27Q&A - Rep. Russo
00:09:26Comments - Rep. Wiggam
00:09:38Amendment Withdrawn - Rep. Wilkin
00:09:51Motion to refer to Primary and Secondary Education Committee - Rep. Kelly
00:10:40Point of order - Rep. Callender
00:11:02Motion to refer to Rules and Reference - Rep. Kelly
00:11:19Comments - Rep. Wiggam
00:11:45Motion to refer to Rules and Reference - Vote
00:12:21H. B. No. 327 and H. B. No. 322
00:13:17Comments - Rep. Wiggam
00:13:54Testimony - Scott DiMauro, Ohio Education Association
00:19:17Q&A - Rep. Kelly
00:23:06Q&A - Rep. Sobecki
00:29:10Q&A - Rep. Stewart
00:34:22Q&A - Rep. Galonski
00:36:12Q&A - Rep. Callender
00:44:01Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
00:48:42Q&A - Rep. Fowler Arthur
00:53:22Q&A - Rep. Galonski
00:54:40Testimony - Tim Johnson, Ohio Poverty Law Center
01:00:54Q&A - Rep. Sobecki
01:04:20Testimony - Richard Fletcher
01:10:12Q&A - Rep. Grendell
01:12:41Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
01:17:24Q&A - Rep. Galonski
01:18:08Q&A - Rep. Ginter
01:29:08Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
01:35:32Testimony - John Stover, Ohio Value Voters
01:41:36Testimony- Rachel Belenker
01:44:36Q&A - Rep. Fowler Arthur
01:49:08Q&A - Rep. Grendell
01:51:34Testimony- Fan Jiang , Athens Asian American Alliance
01:56:15Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
01:56:52Comments - Rep. Fowler Arthur
01:58:59Q&A - Rep. Kelly
01:59:57Comments - Rep. Galonski
02:00:37Q&A - Rep. Ginter
02:04:52Testimony - Christian Pearson, Opponent
02:09:45Comments - Rep. Fowler Arthur
02:10:26Testimony - Elizabeth Amoriya and Brandi Baker, Athens Parents 4 Racial Equity
02:17:01Q&A - Rep. Fowler Arthur
02:19:54Q&A - Rep. Grendell
02:24:04Q&A - Rep. Russo
02:29:10Testimony - Gary Daniels, ACLU
02:34:36Q&A - Rep. Kelly
02:39:16Testimony - Mike Halaiko, opponent
02:43:26Testimony - Janie Halaiko, opponent
02:47:51Q&A - Rep. Galonski
02:49:29Testimony - Abbey Miller, opponent
02:52:00Testimony - Stacy Nofsinger, opponent
02:56:56Q&A - Rep. Kelly
03:00:35Testimony - Adam Motter, Ohio Council for the Social Studies
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