00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:04Roll Call
00:01:15Comments - Rep. Roemer
00:02:19Presentation - Sam Benham, Ohio Legislative Service Commission
00:24:14Comments - Rep. Roemer
00:24:38Q&A - Rep. Troy
00:29:40Q&A - Rep. Brennan
00:31:40Q&A - Rep. Troy
00:34:32Q&A - Rep. Demetriou
00:37:01Q&A - Rep. Isaacsohn
00:42:01Q&A - Rep. Rogers
00:43:58Q&A - Rep. Roemer
00:46:40Q&A - Rep. Stoltzfus
00:48:34Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
00:49:14Q&A - Rep. Young
00:52:01H. B. No. 57
00:52:09Testimony - Rep. Thomas Hall
00:54:04Testimony - Rep. Steve Demetriou
00:56:06Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
00:58:10Q&A - Rep. Brennan
01:00:38H. B. No. 60
01:00:43Testimony - Rep. Daniel P. Troy
01:05:00Q&A - Rep. Demetriou
01:06:29Q&A - Rep. Brennan
01:08:05H. B. No. 66
01:08:13Testimony - Beth Wymer, Ohio Wholesale Marketers Association
01:14:04H. B. No. 1
01:14:12Testimony - Glenn Miller, County Commissioners Association of Ohio
01:20:53Q&A - Rep. Brennan
01:23:34Q&A - Rep. Troy
01:26:20Q&A - Rep. Isaacsohn
01:29:44Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
01:31:23Q&A - Rep. Demetriou
01:34:08Testimony - Heidi Fought, Ohio Township Association
01:41:29Q&A - Rep. Demetriou
01:45:01Testimony - Woody Woodward, Ohio Parks and Recreation Association
01:48:20Q&A - Rep. Troy
01:49:10Testimony - Bethany Sanders, Franklin County Auditor's Office
01:55:27Q&A - Rep. Troy
01:55:58Q&A - Rep. King
01:57:55Q&A - Rep. Stoltzfus
01:59:04Testimony - Dr. Guillermo Bervejillo, Policy Matters Ohio
02:05:53Q&A - Rep. King
02:08:56Q&A - Rep. Isaacsohn
02:11:32Q&A - Rep. Troy
02:15:25Q&A - Rep. Roemer
02:17:21Testimony - John Licastro, Northeast Ohio Mayors & City Managers
02:19:36Q&A - Rep. Dell'Aquila
02:22:50Q&A - Rep. Stoltzfus
02:25:38Q&A - Rep. Troy
02:28:00Testimony - Mike Halaiko, Thursday Action Ohio
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