00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:12Roll Call
00:03:49Testimony - Shawn M. Gilbow, Interested Party
00:07:14Comments - Sen. Antonio
00:07:32Comments - Auditor Faber
00:08:01Testimony - Jeremy Wald, Interested Party
00:11:41Q&A - Auditor Faber
00:13:00Testimony - Kevin Morgan, Interested Party
00:16:29Testimony - Stephen Michael Kellat, Interested Party
00:19:57Comments - Sen. McColley
00:22:29Comments - Auditor Faber
00:23:41Testimony - Jamie Shatsman, Interested Party
00:27:52Comments - Auditor Faber
00:28:17Comments - Rep. Russo
00:31:04Q&A - Sen. Antonio
00:33:47Testimony - William K. Wiesenberg, Interested Party
00:37:53Comments - Auditor Faber
00:40:07Comments - Sen. Antonio
00:41:57Testimony - Sen. Kent Smith
00:48:58Q&A - Sen. McColley
00:52:03Comments - Sen. McColley
00:53:00Testimony - Brian K. Humphrey, Interested Party
00:55:12Comments - Sec. of State LaRose
00:56:06Testimony - Justin D. Tjaden, Interested Party
01:00:04Comments - Sen. Antonio
01:03:11Testimony - Mary Ellen Struze, Interested Party
01:04:18Testimony - William Kennedy, Interested Party
01:08:30Testimony - Amy Zipp on behalf of Susan Rice
01:13:34Testimony - Barbara Yaksic, Interested Party
01:17:53Testimony - Lori O'Neill, Interested Party
01:21:22Testimony - Jen Miller, Interested Party
01:25:11Q&A - Sec. of State LaRose
01:26:05Q&A - Sen. McColley
01:27:04Comments - Sen. Antonio
01:28:56Testimony - Gloria Ferres, Interested Party
01:34:36Testimony - Nancy Self, Interested Party
01:42:34Testimony - Rep. Elliot Forhan
01:42:46Comments - Auditor Faber
01:47:37Q&A - Auditor Faber
01:49:42Q&A - Rep. Russo
01:51:01Comments - Sen. Antonio
01:53:38Testimony - Erin Grube, Interested Party
01:55:56Q&A - Rep. Russo
01:58:48Testimony - Rose Ponyik, Interested Party
02:01:40Comments - Rep. Russo
02:02:27Comments - Auditor Faber
02:02:53Q&A - Sen. Antonio
02:03:25Roll Call on Adjournment
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