00:00:01Convene Session/InvocationPrayer by Pastor Brian Hanson from the Grace Baptist Church in Cedarville, OH
00:01:51Journal of Previous Day
00:02:17Point of Personal PrivilegeSen. Gardner
00:03:40Point of Personal PrivilegeSen. Michael J. Skindell
00:05:17Point of Personal PrivilegeSen. Sykes
00:06:14Point of Personal PrivilegeSen. Bob D. Hackett
00:07:00Point of Personal PrivilegeSen. Charleta B. Tavares
00:08:20Point of Personal PrivilegeSen. Peterson
00:08:49Point of Personal PrivilegeSen. Peterson honoring Nick and Sunny Cummings on being named 2018 National Outstanding Young Farmers
00:11:09Point of Personal PrivilegeSen. Jay Hottinger honoring Royce Emerson as the longest-serving deputy sheriff in Ohio
00:14:42Point of Personal PrivilegeSen. Bill Coley
00:18:34Consideration of House Amendment - SB 1View Legislation TextBob Peterson
00:19:27Consideration of House Amendment - SB 22 (S) View Legislation TextBob Peterson
00:23:15Point of Personal PrivilegeSen. Troy Balderson honoring the Pickerington Central High School football team as the 2017 Div. I State Champion
00:27:27Third Consideration - HB 24 (S) View Legislation TextJohn EklundRandy Gardner
00:40:44Point of Personal PrivilegeSen. Kenny Yuko
00:41:23Point of Personal PrivilegeSen. O'Brien in memory of Officer Justin Leo
00:47:44Third Consideration - HB 98 (S) View Legislation TextRandy Gardner
00:53:10Third Consideration - HB 529View Legislation TextScott OelslagerMichael J. SkindellMatthew Dolan
01:07:13Third Consideration - SB 158 (S) View Legislation TextSteve WilsonBill Coley
01:17:39Third Consideration - SB 216 (S) View Legislation TextMatt HuffmanGayle ManningPeggy LehnerMatthew DolanSandra R. WilliamsLou Terhar
01:44:42Third Consideration - SB 244View Legislation TextMatthew DolanGayle ManningJohn EklundMatthew Dolan
01:54:02Introduction of Bills
01:54:29Resolution - SCR 21View Legislation TextBob Peterson
01:55:47Consideration of House Amendment - SB 226 (S) View Legislation TextKevin Bacon
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