00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:02Roll Call
00:00:34S. B. No. 119
00:00:54Substitute Bill - Sen. Landis
00:01:32Testimony - Sen. Bill Reineke
00:04:48Testimony - Ben Nutter, WIN Waste Innovations
00:13:43Q&A - Sen. Landis
00:18:28Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
00:20:54Testimony - Steve White, National Waste & Recycling Association
00:26:44Q&A - Sen. Landis
00:27:32Testimony - Keith Kimble, Kimble Company
00:31:10Q&A - Sen. Landis
00:32:02Testimony - Albin Bauer, II, Jefferson Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority
00:42:11Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
00:43:04Testimony - Rick Carfagna, Ohio Chamber of Commerce
00:47:52Testimony - Tim Ling, Ohio Manufacturers' Association
00:52:54Testimony - Kelleigh Beatty, BOMA Greater Cleveland
00:55:10Testimony - Kit Channing Cooper Jr., Vance Environmental Ltd.
00:59:47Testimony - Lorie Venable, Communities Suffer from Industrial Anerobic Biodigesters and Storage Lagoons
01:09:30Testimony - Michael Dinneen, CDAO
01:13:39Testimony - Commissioner Bill Frankart, Seneca County Board of Commissioners
01:24:19Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
01:26:17Testimony - Robert Podach, Proponent
01:36:45Testimony - Ashley Stahl, Proponent
01:44:55Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
01:46:11Testimony - Daniel Straub, Proponent
01:52:23Testimony - David B. Moroschan, Proponent
01:56:16Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
01:56:52Testimony - Brenda Kuhn, Proponent
02:01:03Testimony - Susan Platt, Proponent
02:07:21Testimony - Elliot Shaffer, Interested Party
02:12:25Testimony - Nate Heiser, Proponent
02:42:11Tesimony - Dwight Clary, Interested Party
02:50:57Testimony - Bill McAllistar, Proponent
02:52:54Testimony - Matt Claus, Interested Party
02:54:46Testimony - Eric Keckler, Proponent
02:59:17Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
03:02:47Testimony- Roger Holman, Interested Party
03:04:38Testimony - Nate Heiser, Proponent
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