00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:02Roll Call
00:00:40Sub. H. B. No. 33
00:00:46Comments - Sen. Dolan
00:03:42Testimony - Jennifer Bindus, Proponent
00:09:58Q&A - Sen. Dolan
00:10:18Testimony - Katie Baker, Proponent
00:15:59Testimony - Dee Smith, Ohio ACTE
00:23:51Testimony - Jim Galon, Interested Party
00:27:18Q&A - Sen. Cirino
00:28:21Q&A - Sen. Sykes
00:28:41Q&A - Sen. Hicks-Hudson
00:30:02Testimony - Dr. Lisa Courtice, United Way of Central Ohio
00:33:40Testimony - Kerry Lee Pedraza, United Way of Clark, Champaign, and Madison Counties
00:36:36Testimony - Doug Shoemaker, Whitehall City Schools
00:40:47Q&A - Sen. Dolan
00:45:33Comments - Sen. Sykes
00:46:10Testimony - Rylee Barrett, Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools
00:51:33Testimony - Nick Dettwiller, Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools
00:56:01Testimony - Monte Bainter, Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools
01:00:00Testimony - Lisa Followay, Adaptive Sports Ohio
01:01:36Testimony - Ryan Hannan, Proponent
01:04:59Testimony - Abby Lapole, Proponent
01:08:25Testimony - Ellen Price, Opponent
01:14:06Q&A - Sen. Cirino
01:14:51Testimony - Nicholas Ciarniello, Willoughby-Eastlake City School District
01:18:42Testimony - Jaime Shatsman, Willoughby-Eastlake City School District
01:25:38Q&A - Sen. Cirino
01:29:25Comments - Sen. Dolan
01:29:56Testimony - Jeffrey Greenley, Belpre City Schools
01:36:33Testimony - Chris Orban, Proponent
01:42:16Q&A - Sen. Dolan
01:43:46Q&A - Sen. Sykes
01:44:04Q&A - Sen. Cirino
01:45:20Testimony - Olyvia Frederick, CarePortal
01:51:43Testimony - Jennifer Felker, Educational Service Center of the Western Reserve
01:58:44Testimony - Ava Patten, All in for Ohio Kids
02:04:15Testimony - Drake Porter, All in for Ohio Kids
02:09:15Testimony - Dena Sico, All in for Ohio Kids
02:14:18Testimony - Terry Armstrong, Newton Falls Exempted Village School District
02:19:55Testimony - Connie Miley, The IBELIEVE Foundation
02:23:04Testimony - Bailey Harlow, The IBELIEVE Foundation
02:28:05Comments - Sen. Dolan
02:28:30Testimony - Dr. Lisa Hinkelman, Ruling Our Experiences (ROX)
02:34:12Testimony - Robyn Houze, Interested Party
02:39:59Testimony - Tera Myers, Interested Party
02:47:58Testimony - Al Difranco, Junior Achievement of Greater Cleveland
02:50:55Testimony - Charles Bond, North Canton Hoover High School
02:53:04Testimony - Lori McCleese, Junior Achievement of North Central Ohio, Inc.
02:58:29Testimony - Noah Barnhart, Ripple
03:01:22Testimony - Shawn E. Lenney, Greater Ohio Virtual School
03:05:21Testimony - Marie Hanna, OOLC
03:09:50Testimony - Geoff Andrews, Ohio Educational Computer Network
03:15:47Testimony - Larry Keough, Catholic Conference of Ohio
03:22:10Comments - Sen. Brenner
03:22:23Testimony - Rosemary Rooker, Findlay Digital Academy
03:27:52Testimony - Eldrich Carr, Marburn Academy, Lawrence School, Springer School & Center
03:32:50Testimony - Jennifer Glenn, Ohio School Psychologists Association
03:37:35Q&A - Sen. Cirino
03:42:06Q&A - Sen. Brenner
03:45:26Q&A - Sen. Sykes
03:47:28Testimony - Craig Burford, Ohio Educational Service Center Association (OAESCA)
03:54:28Testimony - Julie Lather, OAESA
04:00:04Q&A - Sen. Craig
04:04:45Q&A - Sen. Romanchuk
04:07:59Q&A - Sen. Brenner
04:11:48Q&A - Sen. Sykes
04:15:36Q&A - Sen. Hicks-Hudson
04:17:42Q&A - Sen. Cirino
04:20:24Testimony - Donovan O'Neil, Americans for Prosperity
04:25:21Testimony - Katherine Ungar, Children's Defense Fund - Ohio
04:30:44Testimony - Peter Petto, League of Women Voters of Ohio
04:37:44Testimony - Lisa Gray, Ohio Excels
04:45:28Q&A - Sen. Manning
04:46:44Q&A - Sen. Romanchuk
04:52:02Q&A - Sen. Brenner
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