June 5, 2018
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00:00:00Convene committee
00:00:01Roll call
00:01:18S.B. No. 296
00:02:16S.B. No. 154
00:02:30Testimony - Sen. Schiavoni
00:05:40Testimony - Sen. Yuko
00:07:37S.B. No. 258
00:07:46Testimony - Sen. Schiavoni
00:11:34Q&A - Sen. Tavares
00:13:14S.B. No. 297
00:13:20Testimony - Sen. Schiavoni
00:15:40S.B. No. 296
00:16:08Explanation of Amendment - Sen. Beagle
00:17:36S.B. No. 299
00:20:22Testimony - Craig Butler, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
00:26:51Q&A - Sen. Beagle
00:29:54Testimony - Greg Labarge
00:45:09Movement - Sen. Manning
00:46:22Am. Sub. H.B. No. 318
00:50:23Movement - Sen. Bacon
00:51:06Motion - Sen. Lehner
00:53:28Testimony - Amber Evans, Juvenile Justice Coalition
00:57:42Ashon McKenzie, Children's Defense Fund of Ohio
01:02:49Testimony - Dorothy Martindale, National Association of Social Workers
01:07:04Q&A - Sen. Manning
01:08:20Testimony - Gabrielle Celeste
01:15:02Motion to vote
01:16:14S.B. No. 225
01:17:14Explanation of bill
01:19:23Testimony - Brittany Alexander
01:21:11Q&A - Sen. Eklund
01:22:10Testimony - Eric Frederick, Connected Nation Inc.
01:26:25Q&A - Sen. Coley
01:29:23Followup - Sen. Coley
01:29:30Followup - Sen. Coley
01:30:11Testimony - Nancy Richison, Global Institute for the Study of the Intelligent Community
01:34:12Testimony - Philip Caskey, Consolidated Cooperative
01:44:42Q&A - Sen. Coley
01:49:15Followup - Sen. Coley
01:51:25Testimony - Robert Moore, Policy Matters Ohio
01:56:03Ron Rees, Cooperation for Ohio Appalachian Development
02:02:34Testimony - Stu Johnson, Connection Ohio
02:09:40Q&A - Sen. Oelslager
02:10:56Followup - Sen. Oelslager
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