00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:01Roll Call
00:01:02S. B. No. 9
00:01:13Substitute Bill - Sen. Schuring
00:06:02S. J. R. No. 2
00:06:12Amendment - Sen. McColley
00:07:40Comments - Sen. Demora
00:08:59Amendment - Vote
00:09:26Testimony - Beau Euton, Opportunity Solutions Project
00:11:34Q&A - Sen. Demora
00:16:18Testimony - Collin Marozzi, ACLU of Ohio
00:21:09Q&A - Sen. Demora
00:23:13Testimony - Julia Cattaneo, Opponent
00:29:38Testimony - Emily Cole, Ohio Families Unite for Political Action and Change
00:34:15Testimony - Jen Miller, League of Women Voters of Ohio
00:40:15Testimony - Scott Dimauro, Ohio Education Association
00:43:26Testimony - Colby Tarrh, National Association of Social Workers - Ohio Chapter
00:45:48Testimony - Jamie Miracle, Pro-Choice Ohio
00:49:45Q&A - Sen. Demora
00:50:36Testimony - Richard Topper, Opponent
00:58:10Q&A - Sen. Demora
01:00:28Testimony - Michael Ahern, Opponent
01:08:11Testimony - Mia Lewis, Common Cause Ohio
01:13:26Q&A - Sen. Rulli
01:15:26Testimony - Jeff Dieringer, SEIU District 1199
01:17:48Testimony - Interested Party
01:25:43Amendment - Sen. Demora
01:29:26Comments - Sen. McColley
01:30:56Motion to Table - Sen. Gavarone
01:31:19Motion to Table - Vote
01:31:45S. B. No. 92
01:32:24Testimony - Trevor Martin, Common Cause Ohio
01:40:18Testimony - Emily Cole, Ohio Families Unite for Political Action and Change
01:42:46Testimony - Julia Cattaneo, Opponent
01:44:03Q&A - Sen. Rulli
01:45:03Testimony - Anastasia Martinez, Ohioans for Reproductive Freedom
01:47:09Testimony - Richard Topper, Opponent
01:50:40Amendment - Sen. Gavarone
01:51:18Comments - Sen. Demora
01:51:55Amendment - Vote
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