00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:28Roll Call
00:01:20S. B. No. 31
00:01:45Testimony - Dr. Charles Wash, National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center
00:08:22Comments - Sen. Craig
00:09:10Testimony - Reita Smith, James Preston Poindexter Foundation
00:29:45Q&A - Sen. Roegner
00:30:30Q&A - Sen. Craig
00:32:00S. B. No. 46
00:32:24Testimony - Sen. Michael Rulli
00:34:35Testimony - Sen. Kenny Yuko
00:38:10Q&A - Sen. Hoagland
00:39:55Q&A - Sen. Roegner
00:43:05S. B. No. 17
00:43:26Testimony - Joel Potts, Ohio Job and Family Services Directors' Association
00:59:51Q&A - Sen. Thomas
01:04:14Q&A - Sen. Craig
01:07:12Q&A - Sen. Hoagland
01:08:25Q&A - Sen. Thomas
01:09:09Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
01:14:40Testimony - Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, Ohio Association of Foodbanks
01:25:28Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
01:34:50Q&A - Sen. Thomas
01:38:02Q&A - Sen. Craig
01:39:00Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
01:42:07Q&A - Sen. Thomas
01:46:30Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
01:47:32Testimony - Rachel Cahill, Saint Paschal Baylon Catholic Church
01:55:28Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
02:00:32Q&A - Sen. Thomas
02:03:08Testimony - Kimberly Lovano, Greater Cleveland Foodbank
02:08:18Testimony - Tiffany Scruggs, Greater Cleveland Foodbank
02:13:15Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
02:16:28Q&A - Sen. Craig
02:18:27Testimony - Regina Campbell, Legal and Society of Greater Cincinnati
02:23:38Testimony - Susan Jagers, Advocates for Ohio's Future (AOF)
02:27:03Testimony - Brittney Madison, Northern Ohioans for Budget Legislation Equality
02:31:40Testimony - Larry Rodriguez, Northern Ohioans for Budget Legislation Equality
02:34:30Testimony - Michelle Moskowitz Brown, Local Matters
02:37:16Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
02:38:22Testimony - DN. Nick Bates, The Hunger Network
02:44:35Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
02:48:05S. B. No. 9
02:48:23Testimony - Robert Schutz, PE, Ohio Building Officials' Association Board of Directors
02:55:00S. B. No. 9 - Vote
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