00:00:01Convene committee
00:00:10Roll call
00:00:43Approval of minutes
00:00:58Governor's appointments
00:01:52S.B. No. 301
00:02:27Testimony - Sen. Jordan
00:04:46Testimony - Kelly Leahy, Ohio State Association of Nurse Anesthetists
00:22:55Q&A - Sen. Lehner
00:23:24Followup - Sen. Lehner
00:24:25Q&A - Sen. Brown
00:25:17Followup - Sen. Brown
00:26:09Clarification - Sen. Brown
00:26:51Testimony - Sonya Moore
00:32:40Q&A - Sen. Lehner
00:33:30Followup - Sen. Lehner
00:34:16Testimony - Kelly Deeter Msn, Ohio State Association of Nurse Anesthetists
00:45:26Testimony - Dr. Tom Mark, MD
00:56:02Q&A - Sen. Lehner
00:58:15Followup - Sen. Lehner
01:00:29Q&A - Sen. Sykes
01:02:42Followup - Sen. Sykes
01:04:18Testimony - Dr. David Conger, MD
01:07:36Testimony - Dr. Thomas Zaciewski, Peggy Lillis Foundation
01:16:35Testimony - B. Lynn Detterman, Mercy Health's Rural Division
01:25:04S.B. No. 326
01:25:25Motion to report to Rules & Reference Committee
01:26:16Sub. H.B. No. 541
01:26:39Offering of amendments
01:29:40Explanation of amendment - Sen. Gardner
01:32:19H.B. No. 464
01:32:44Testimony - Randal Ruge, Paulding County Hospital
01:41:20Q&A - Sen. Hackett
01:43:23Followup - Sen. Hackett
01:45:41At ease
01:45:56Motion to report to Rules & Reference Committee
01:46:42H.B. No. 131
01:46:48Offering of an amendment
01:49:13S.B. No. 56
01:49:20Offering of a substitute bill- Sen. Lehner
01:52:41H.B. No. 101
01:52:54Offering of an amendment
01:53:51Clarification - Sen. Gardner
01:55:42Motion to report to Rules & Reference Committee
01:56:32Sub. H.B. No. 286
01:56:55Offering of an amendment
01:58:44Motion to report to Rules & Reference Committee
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