00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:09Roll Call
00:00:55S. B. No. 23
00:02:55Amendment - Sen. Roegner
00:05:33Testimony - Camille Crary, Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence
00:09:54Q&A - Sen. Antonio
00:13:47Q&A - Sen. Burke
00:19:56Q&A - Sen. Maharath
00:23:00Q&A - Sen. Antonio
00:26:47Testimony - Dr. Erika Boothman
00:31:16Q&A - Sen. Roegner
00:37:06Q&A - Sen. Maharath
00:39:23Q&A - Sen. Antonio
00:43:57Q&A - Sen. S Huffman
00:47:33Testimony - Lindsay Rerko
00:52:34Q&A - Sen. Maharath
00:53:06Q&A - Sen. Burke
00:55:23Q&A - Sen. Roegner
00:57:12Testimony - Terra Stanley
01:03:55Testimony - Ellen Horton
01:09:41Courtney Slonkosky, M.D.
01:14:54Q&A - Sen. Roegner
01:17:41Q&A - Sen. Maharath
01:19:11Q&A - Sen. Antonio
01:27:42Q&A - Sen. Burke
01:29:32Q&A - Sen. Roegner
01:30:50Testimony - Dennis Sullivan, Ohio Right to Life
01:36:53Q&A - Sen. Roegner
01:38:10Testimony - Alicia Thompson
01:44:17Q&A - Sen. Maharath
01:45:08Q&A - Sen. Antonio
01:46:58Q&A - Sen. Roegner
01:49:02Testimony - Sarah Hayford
01:53:58Testimony - John Casterline
01:58:00Q&A - Sen. S Huffman
01:59:05Testimony - Alison Norris
02:04:08Testimony - Danielle Bessett, Ph.D.
02:08:50Testimony - Sarah Szilagy
02:12:36Q&A - Sen. S Huffman
02:14:03Testimony - Helen Geyer
02:20:31Q&A - Sen. Antonio
02:21:30Testimony - On behalf of Elizabeth Viars, RN
02:24:19Testimony - Linda Harvey, Mission America
02:29:25Testimony - On behalf of Melissa Ohden, The Abortion Survivors Network
02:35:50Testimony - Barry Sheets, Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio
02:40:45Testimony - Julie Busby
02:45:52Testimony - Deb Peterson
02:51:44Testimony - Milka Nier
02:58:06Testimony - Pastor Daniel Kroger, RN
03:03:22Testimony - Brian Fox
03:09:46Q&A - Sen. Roegner
03:12:15Q&A - Sen. Burke
03:18:25Testimony - Terry Mader
03:22:34Testimony - Margaret Light-Scotece Esq.
03:24:56Testimony - Chelsey J.
03:32:00Testimony - Alexander Curtis
03:37:06Testimony - Rev. Joan Van Becelaere, Unitarian Universalist Justice Ohio
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