00:00:00Convene committee
00:00:11Roll call
00:00:52Review minutes
00:02:05Sub. H.B. No. 263
00:02:33S.B. No. 218
00:02:54Testimony - Shawn Busken, Officer of the Auditor of State
00:07:22Q&A - Sen. Huffman
00:08:54Followup - Sen. Huffman
00:09:54Followup - Sen. Huffman
00:10:40Followup - Sen. Huffman
00:11:25Q&A - Sen. Dave Burke
00:12:32Q&A - Sen. Charleta B. Tavares
00:13:32Followup - Sen. Charleta B. Tavares
00:15:35S.B. No. 210
00:15:47Move to amend
00:16:39Move to amend
00:19:46Testimony - Elissa Yoder Mann, Sierra Club Chapter
00:24:54Testimony - Natalie Pax, Sierra Club Chapter
00:28:15Testimony - Nicole Tabit, Sierra Club Chapter
00:32:17Q&A - Sen. Peggy Lehner
00:32:53Q&A - Sen. Charleta B. Tavares
00:34:37Testimony - Sarah Damron, Surfrider Foundation
00:42:36Q&A - Sen. Peggy Lehner
00:52:02Q&A - Sen. Charleta B. Tavares
00:52:39Followup - Sen. Charleta B. Tavares
00:53:23Followup - Sen. Charleta B. Tavares
00:54:36S.B. No. 243
00:55:03Sub. H.B. No. 263
00:55:22Testimony - Rep. Lanese
01:01:40Q&A - Sen. Dave Burke
01:02:00Followup - Sen. Dave Burke
01:03:17H.B. No. 332
01:03:21Move to amend
01:08:30Move to amend
01:11:06H.B. No. 111
01:16:06Move to amend
01:16:49Move to amend
01:20:09Move to amend
01:21:37Move to amend
01:22:12Explanation of amendment
01:24:17Move to amend
01:25:27Move to amend
01:27:07Move to amend
01:27:30Explanation of amendment
01:29:11Q&A - Sen. Charleta B. Tavares
01:31:07S.B. No. 119
01:31:16Motion - Sen. Bob D. Hackett
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