00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:02Roll Call
00:02:02S. B. No. 326
00:02:33Testimony - Sen. Nickie Antonio
00:07:28Testimony - Sen. Stephanie Kunze
00:10:51Q&A - Sen. Lehner
00:11:38Q&A - Sen. Thomas
00:15:37Q&A - Sen. Roegner
00:20:11Q&A - Sen. Burke
00:22:50Q&A - Sen. Roegner
00:23:53S. B. No. 327
00:24:04At Ease
00:24:22Testimony - Sen. Tina Maharoth
00:27:37Testimony - Sen. Stephanie Kunze
00:31:11Q&A - Sen. Burke
00:33:56S. B. No. 328
00:34:16Testimony - Sen. Stephanie Kunze
00:37:50Testimony - Sen. Tina Maharath
00:40:47Q&A - Sen. Burke
00:41:18Q&A - Sen. Antonio
00:44:18Comment - Sen. Burke
00:45:40S. C. R. No 14
00:45:55Testimony - Sharon Montgomery
00:49:45Q&A - Sen. Lehner
00:51:34Testimony - Jessica Roach, Restoring Our Own Through Transformation
00:58:32Q&A - Sen. Antonio
00:59:51Comment - Sen. Burke
01:01:55Q&A - Sen. Kunze
01:03:00Q&A - Sen. Lehner
01:05:30Q&A - Sen. Kunze
01:09:27Testimony - Lindsay Davis
01:14:17Q&A - Sen. Maharath
01:16:18Testimony - Dr. Ronnie Dunn, Cleveland State University
01:22:44Comment - Sen. Burke
01:23:50Q&A - Sen. Thomas
01:31:16Q&A - Sen. Antonio
01:34:55Q&A - Sen. Maharath
01:38:04Q&A - Sen. Thomas
01:40:05Testimony - Chester Christie, M. W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ohio
01:46:04Q&A - Sen. Thomas
01:50:53Testimony - Shannon Isom, YMCA Dayton, Ohio Council of YMCAs
02:00:54Comment - Rep. Burke
02:01:28Q&A - Sen. Maharath
02:04:10Q&A - Sen. Lehner
02:05:43Q&A - Sen. Thomas
02:13:41Testimony - Harini Ushasi
02:31:28Q&A - Sen. Maharath
02:34:43Q&A - Sen. Thomas
02:35:20Q&A - Sen. Antonio
02:39:14Testimony - Sarina Herman
02:47:35Q&A - Sen. Maharath
02:51:53Testimony - Jasmine Ayres, Policy Matters Ohio
02:55:59Comment - Sen. Burke
02:56:14Q&A - Sen. Antonio
02:58:30Testimony - Sarah Barry
03:01:04Q&A - Sen. Antonio
03:02:35S. B. No. 311
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