00:00:00Convene Session/InvocationRev. Malcolm White, Keystone Baptist Church, Chicago, IL
00:06:18RecognitionNational Anthem, Ms. Harriet Jackson
00:13:23Swearing InDistrict 7, Robert L. Robert Schuler
00:15:54Swearing InDistrict 17, John A. John Carey
00:17:33Swearing InDistrict 29, Kirk Schuring
00:19:05Swearing InLynn R. Lynn Wachtmann, David Goodman, Jeffry Armbruster
00:22:05Swearing InBill M. Harris, Kevin Coughlin, Jay Hottinger
00:23:57Swearing InRandy Gardner, Scott R. Nein, Jeff Jacobson, Louis W. Louis Blessing
00:25:55Swearing InSteve Austria, Jim Jordan, Doug White, Robert A. Gardner
00:27:44Swearing InJames E. Carnes, Ron Amstutz, Robert F. Robert Spada, Larry A. Larry Mumper
00:30:11Swearing InTeresa Fedor
00:32:58Swearing InRay Miller
00:34:33Swearing InTom Roberts, Mark L. Mallory, C.J. C. J. Prentiss
00:37:05Swearing InDaniel R. Brady, Eric. D. Eric Fingerhut, Robert F. Hagan
00:38:56Swearing InLeigh E. Herington, Greg L. DiDonato
00:41:14Elected Officials - Voting ResultsPresident, Senator White
01:06:33Elected Officials - Voting ResultsPresident Pro Tem, Senator Randy Gardner
01:15:20Elected Officials - Voting ResultsAssistant President Pro Tem, Senator Jay Hottinger
01:22:43Elected Officials - Voting ResultsMajority Whip, Senator Jeff Jacobson
01:32:30Elected Officials - Voting ResultsMinority Leader, Senator DiDonato
01:40:13Elected Officials - Voting ResultsAssistant Minority Leader, Senator Mallory
01:48:48Elected Officials - Voting ResultsMinority Whip, Senator C. J. Prentiss
01:56:13Elected Officials - Voting ResultsAssistant Minority Whip, Senator Teresa Fedor
02:03:19Elected Officials - Voting ResultsClerk, Matthew T. Robert Schuler
02:08:53Resolution - SR 1Appointment of Marc Dann to 32nd District
02:12:57Resolution - SCR 1joint convention
02:14:13AnnouncementsBrown County Auditor, Doug Green
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