00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:03Roll Call
00:00:42S. B. No. 3
00:14:55Q&A - Sen. Coley
00:16:35Q&A - Sen. Huffman
00:20:42Q&A - Sen. McColley
00:24:22Q&A - Sen. Eklund
00:31:25Q&A - Sen. Thomas
00:37:12Q&A - Sen. O'Brien
00:40:06Q&A - Sen. Eklund
00:41:28Testimony - Virginia Krieger, Parents Against Illicit Narcotics
01:05:11Q&A - Sen. Eklund
01:06:55Q&A - Sen. O'Brien
01:10:13Testimony - Nicole Brantner
01:16:08Q&A - Sen. Huffman
01:18:08Q&A - Sen. Thomas
01:22:52Testimony - Lindsey Donohue-Angler
01:42:50Q&A - Sen. Huffman
01:48:54Q&A - Sen. Thomas
01:52:21Q&A - Sen. Manning
01:53:34Sub. H. B. No. 251
01:53:55Amendment - Sen. Eklund
01:55:51Testimony - Lora Miller, Ohio receivables Management Association
01:57:39At Ease
01:58:39S. B. No. 256
01:59:03Testimony - Jeff Dillon, Americans For Prosperity of Ohio
02:05:18Testimony - Preston Shipp, The Campaign For The Fair Sentencing of Youth
02:11:03Q&A - Sen. Lehner
02:14:05Testimony - Stefanie Tengler
02:19:45Q&A - Sen. Lehner
02:21:02Testimony - Robert Mounts
02:29:55Comment - Sen. Eklund
02:30:17Q&A - Sen. Lehner
02:32:32S. B. No. 276
02:33:12Am. Sub. H. B. No. 606
02:33:40Testimony - Peter Van Runkle, Ohio Health Care Association
02:41:30Q&A - Sen. Eklund
02:48:10Testimony - Ryan Weible, Ohio Athletic Trainers' Association
02:51:25Q&A - Sen. Eklund
02:52:47Testimony - Tod Bowen, Ohio Restaurant Association
02:55:08Q&A - Sen. Eklund
02:57:50Testimony - Rachela A. Kabb-Effron, ESQ.
03:06:40Testimony - Vicki Krafhefer, Elderly Advocates
03:16:08Q&A - Sen. Manning
03:19:55Q&A - Sen. Eklund
03:23:15Testimony - Marcy Hughes
03:27:52Testimony - Anne Marie Sferra, Ohio Alliance for Civil Justice
03:34:21Testimony - Kevin Shimp, Ohio Chamber of Commerce
03:37:13Q&A - Sen. Manning
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