00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:03Roll Call
00:00:36H. B. No. 33
00:01:14Comments - Sen. S. Huffman
00:01:50Testimony - Teresa Lampl, Ohio Council of Behavioral Health and Family Services Providers
00:07:50Testimony - Joseph Caruso, Compass Family and Community Services
00:13:17Q&A - Sen. Ingram
00:14:47Testimony - Don Schiffbauer, Nord Center
00:19:51Testimony - China Darrington, Thrive Peer Recovery Services
00:24:30Testimony - Jordan See, Teladoc
00:29:46Q&A - Sen. S. Huffman
00:31:25Q&A - Sen. Ingram
00:32:46Q&A - Sen. Romanchuk
00:34:37Testimony - Allison Boot, Ms. Wheelchair Ohio
00:39:50Comments - Sen. Romanchuk
00:40:20Testimony - Georgie Elson, Ohio Nursing Crisis Advocacy Committee
00:47:37Testimony - Trisha Noel Dickenson, Disability Rights Ohio
00:52:56Testimony - Alicia Hopkins, Ohio Nursing Crisis Advocacy Committee
00:59:35Q&A - Sen. Romanchuk
01:00:47Q&A - Sen. Wilson
01:01:00Q&A - Sen. Ingram
01:04:28Q&A - Sen. Craig
01:05:30Testimony - Pete Van Runkle, Ohio Health Care Association
01:11:20Q&A - Sen. Ingram
01:13:10Testimony - Susan Wallace, LeadingAge Ohio
01:18:30Q&A - Sen. Ingram
01:21:27Q&A - Sen. Wilson
01:28:31Testimony - Dave Mannion, Copeland Oaks
01:34:32Q&A - Sen. Romanchuk
01:36:02Testimony - Chris Murray, Academy of Senior Health Sciences, Inc.
01:39:30Q&A - Sen. Wilson
01:41:34Testimony - Melissa Moore, Ohio Council for Homecare & Hospice
01:46:10Testimony - Kimberly King, Ohio Council for Homecare & Hospice
01:46:53Q&A - Sen. Wilson
01:48:46Q&A - Sen. Romanchuk
01:49:44Testimony - Lisa Von Lehmden, Ohio Council for Homecare & Hospice
01:53:30Q&A - Sen. Romanchuk
01:53:52Testimony - Catherine Bryan, Ohio Council for Homecare & Hospice
01:59:19Q&A - Sen. Wilson
02:00:30Q&A - Sen. S. Huffman
02:01:21Q&A - Sen. Ingram
02:03:05Testimony - Joseph Russell, Ohio Council for Homecare & Hospice
02:08:26Q&A - Sen. Romanchuk
02:09:52Testimony - Brent Tow, Community Health Professionals, Inc.
02:15:04Testimony - Dr. John DuBois, Comfort Dental
02:17:38Testimony - Stephen Sliter, Comfort Dental
02:19:46Q&A - Sen. Craig
02:22:07Q&A - Sen. S. Huffman
02:23:31Q&A - Sen. Romanchuk
02:23:49Testimony - Kevin Martincek, Maxim Healthcare Services
02:29:40Q&A - Sen. Ingram
02:29:52Q&A - Sen. S. Huffman
02:31:02Q&A - Sen. Wilson
02:32:33Q&A - Sen. Ingram
02:33:17Testimony - Julie Osborne, LeaderStat
02:38:53Q&A - Sen. Romanchuk
02:42:46Q&A - Sen. S. Huffman
02:43:21Q&A - Sen. Ingram
02:44:56Testimony - Matt Hamlin, Quest Diagnostics
02:49:00Testimony - Kristen Henry, APSI
02:53:07Q&A - Sen. Ingram
02:54:45Testimony - Joel Potts, ODJFSDA Executive Director
02:58:45Q&A - Sen. Romanchuk
02:59:57Q&A - Sen. Ingram
03:04:00Testimony - Rabbi Yossi Marozov, Friendship Circle of Cleveland
03:06:56Testimony - Lisa Waldbaum, Friendship Circle of Cleveland
03:11:32Testimony - Adam Neides, Friendship Circle of Cleveland
03:13:34Q&A - Sen. Ingram
03:14:34Testimony - Erin Ryan, Groundwork Ohio
03:20:12Q&A - Sen. Ingram
03:21:42Testimony - Francine Ris, Interested Party
03:27:25Testimony - Filomena Nelson, Interested Party
03:32:53Testimony - Dr. Brian Dietz, Ohio Optometric Association
03:38:48Testimony - Andrew Ward, Addus Homecare
03:43:40Testimony - Tim Neville, Echoing Hills
03:46:26Testimony - Colleen Clancy, Interested Party
03:51:03Testimony - Michael Mathy, Ohio Foot & Ankle Medical Association
03:55:37Testimony - Karen Wojtala, Koinonia Homes
03:59:50Testimony - Quiana Tolliver, Koinonia Homes
04:03:37Testimony - Maddy Katz, Proponent
04:05:43Q&A - Sen. Ingram
04:06:42Testimony - Marcy Fleisher, Proponent
04:12:14Testimony - Anthony Caldwell, Ohio Nurses Association
04:15:11Q&A - Sen. Romanchuk
04:16:50Testimony - Marla Morse, Oral Health Ohio
04:22:22Testimony - Dr. David Owsiany, Ohio Dental Association
04:28:14Testimony - Dr. Vinod Miriyala, Ohio Dental Association
04:31:44Testimony - JoAnn Lorentz, Lakeside Home Care, LLC
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