00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:04Roll Call
00:00:46Informal Hearing on H. B. No. 110
00:01:48Testimony - Paolo DeMaria, State Superintendent, Ohio Department of Education
00:19:15Q&A - Sen. Brenner
00:26:40Q&A - Sen. Sykes
00:30:41Q&A - Sen. Blessing
00:34:25Q&A - Sen. Fedor
00:40:50Q&A - Sen. O'Brien
00:49:16Testimony - Eldrich Carr, Marburn Academy, Lawrence School, Springer School and Center
00:53:10Testimony - David Taylor, Dayton Early College Academy
01:01:55Q&A - Sen. Fedor
01:08:50Testimony - Jayla Butler, Dayton Early College Academy
01:14:59Testimony - Tamela Dutcher
01:22:46Comments - Sen. Fedor
01:23:35At Ease
01:24:51Testimony - Shaniya Perry, YouthBuild Community School
01:27:14Testimony - Jesus Silva, YouthBuild Community School
01:29:28Q&A - Sen. Rulli
01:30:10Testimony - Andrea Dobbins, Charter School Specialists
01:33:50Q&A - Sen. Brenner
01:34:40Testimony - Stuart Muszynski, Values-In-Action
01:46:06Testimony - Meka Pace, Ohio Alliance of Independent STEM Schools
01:53:00Q&A - Sen. Brenner
01:53:46Testimony - Anthony Paletta, The Ohio Association of Student Leaders
01:59:59Testimony - Kevin F. Parkins, Central Catholic High School
02:06:14Testimony - Ian Thomas Loughead, Resurrection School
02:10:01Testimony - Sharla Elton, Heritage Christian School
02:20:42Testimony - Elizabeth Kirby, Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District
02:25:03Testimony - Jacob Gregg, 2021 High School Senior
02:31:40Testimony - Tricia Stethem, School Choice Ohio and Archdiocese of Cincinnati
02:43:17Testimony - Mike Geodde St. Cecilia School and Archdiocese of Cincinnati
02:49:02Testimony - Shanna Harvey, School Choice Ohio
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