00:00:02Convene Session
00:00:06Roll Call
00:01:22Governor's Appointments
00:01:46Governor's Appointments - Vote
00:02:06Am. H. B. No. 353
00:02:32Testimony - Howie Beigelman, Ohio Jewish Communities
00:06:51Testimony - Hadass Galili, Proponent
00:09:00Testimony - Aryeh Ballaban, Jewish Federation of Cincinnati / Cincinnati Jewish Community Relations Council
00:14:02Q&A - Sen. Cirino
00:16:41Q&A - Sen. Martin
00:20:33Testimony - Shireen Shaaban, CAIR-Ohio
00:23:21Testimony - Khalid Dada, Muslim Student Association at the Ohio State University
00:29:28Am. H. B. No. 569
00:29:43Testimony - Geri Maples, Blue Star Families of Dayton & Southwestern Ohio
00:35:43Testimony - Stephanie Keinath, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce
00:38:42Testimony - Cassie Barlow, SOCHE
00:43:05At Ease
00:43:11H. B. No. 509
00:43:58Substitute Bill - Sen. Cirino
00:44:14Substitute Bill - Vote
00:44:40Comments - Sen. Antonio
00:46:07Testimony - Elizabeth Moore, Ohio State Chiropractic Board
00:51:38Testimony - Brandy Spaulding, Ohio State Chiropractic Association
00:55:36Testimony - Greg Lawson, The Buckeye Institute
00:59:44Testimony - Rachel Chilton, Ohio School Psychologists Association
01:05:02Q&A - Sen. Antonio
01:09:14Testimony - Ronald Ross, State Board of Pyschology
01:13:46Q&A - Sen. Antonio
01:15:56Testimony - Dr. Craig Hanthorn, OSPA
01:19:58Testimony - Keith Kerns, Ohio Optometric Association
01:23:31Q&A - Sen. Martin
01:25:07Testimony - Sriparna Ghosh, Knee Center for the Study of Occupational Regulation
01:29:41Comments - Sen. Johnson
01:31:19Testimony - Brad Chute, Ohio Funeral Directors Association
01:37:17Q&A - Sen. Cirino
01:43:19Q&A - Sen. Martin
01:45:09Testimony - Jon Rettig Sr., Interested Party
01:54:03Testimony - Brad French, Ohio Fire Chiefs Association
01:57:29Testimony - Matthew Starner, Hearing Healthcare Alliance of Ohio
02:02:46Testimony - Dr. Aarlon Aceto O.D., National Federation of Opticianry
02:09:00Q&A - Sen. Martin
02:11:04Testimony - John Bruening, Opticians Association of Ohio
02:21:54Q&A - Rep. Sen. Cirino
02:23:43Testimony - James Michael Morris, American Board of Opticianry & National Contact Lens Examiners
02:32:33Testimony - Robyn Coleman, Ohio Board of School Psychology
02:34:50Testimony - Jamilah Mogharbel, Opponent
02:38:06Testimony - Danielle Smith, National Association of Social Workers - Ohio Chapter
02:43:08Q&A -Sen. Reineke
02:44:11Testimony - Robert J. Kubick Jr., Ohio Supervisors of Psychologists
02:50:00Q&A - Sen. Reineke
02:50:25Testimony - William Watson, C-MOR Safety
02:55:44Testimony - Erin Hull, OSPA
03:02:21Testimony - Jacquelyn Meshelemiah, College of Social Work, The Ohio State University
03:07:44Q&A - Sen. Martin
03:09:20Testimony - Thomas Barracato, Interested Party
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