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00:00:11>>Ag is cool!
00:00:12>>Ag is cool!
00:00:13>>Ag is cool!
00:00:17>>"Ag is Cool" is an educational program
00:00:19to help educate kids about agriculture
00:00:22and the different ways in which kids
00:00:26can participate in agriculture.
00:00:28>>"Ag is Cool..." There's so many
00:00:29different parts to the agricultural industry,
00:00:31and it's great to get kids involved
00:00:33and have them learn a little bit more
00:00:35about where their food comes from
00:00:36and the process it goes from,
00:00:38from farm to table.
00:00:39>>People have the opportunity to milk a cow or
00:00:42see some baby pigs, see some chickens,
00:00:45and all kinds of good stuff.
00:00:46>>This program is a cooperative effort between
00:00:48the Ohio Farm Bureau, the Ohio Department of
00:00:51Agriculture, and the Ohio State Fair.
00:00:53We've pooled our resources together
00:00:56and have different interactive activities
00:00:58across the fairgrounds to help educate
00:01:00the kids about Ohio agriculture.
00:01:02>>Beef cattle, dairy, sheep, poultry.
00:01:05The kids are getting a really rounded educational
00:01:06day about agriculture and how animals help
00:01:10to make agriculture cool.
00:01:19>>I love being here, I like to hear the sheep.
00:01:25>>Wool is like velcro.
00:01:26It has little barbs on it.
00:01:28And so, you can stop and start
00:01:30and it'll stick to itself,
00:01:33and it comes in lots of natural colors.
00:01:35But you can dye it all kinds of beautiful colors.
00:01:37We've dyed purples and pinks and blues,
00:01:40and every color in the rainbow.
00:01:42And no, you don't have to kill the sheep;
00:01:43all you do is give it a haircut.
00:01:48>>I've always been very involved
00:01:50in the pork industry.
00:01:51I really do like pork!
00:01:52It's such a neat meat.
00:01:53You can put it in almost any dish
00:01:55that you're making.
00:01:56And it comes from a pig,
00:01:58and that's one thing we really
00:01:59don't always remember.
00:02:01The pork industry relates to Ohio agriculture
00:02:03because it is highly populated in hogs.
00:02:06Swine farmers, which are farmers that produce
00:02:09pigs, are out there using the land to the best of
00:02:13its ability and putting up great buildings that
00:02:15have controlled environments so the animals
00:02:17can really grow and prosper.
00:02:24>>Well, yeah!
00:02:24I definitely think agriculture is cool!
00:02:26The plant side of agriculture is huge in Ohio.
00:02:29We are home to several grains crops.
00:02:31A couple of the biggest are corn and soybeans.
00:02:34Believe it or not, Ohio livestock
00:02:35eat around 100 million bushels
00:02:37of soybeans and corn each year.
00:02:39We've got great farmers in this state
00:02:41who are keeping those animals fed,
00:02:42and keeping the rest of us healthy, too.
00:02:49>>Agriculture is a fun business to get into.
00:02:51I'll never want to get out of it.
00:02:53>>The dairy cows, you have your dairy products
00:02:55like cheese, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt.
00:02:58Even though milk comes from them,
00:03:00it's not brown cows that produce
00:03:02chocolate milk, it's not the white cows
00:03:04that produce the white milk,
00:03:05or the red cows with strawberry milk.
00:03:07They all produce the same milk.
00:03:15>>Beef cattle are cool.
00:03:16They are a major source of protein,
00:03:18which is good for kids.
00:03:20It's great to raise beef cattle.
00:03:22It's a great part of the agricultural industry,
00:03:24and you're creating a product
00:03:26that is going to go to consumers.
00:03:28>>It's one of the largest industries
00:03:31in our state.
00:03:32So it plays a very, very critical role in keeping
00:03:35our state's economical functions turning.
00:03:38They're raised by families just like theirs,
00:03:41that love what they do.
00:03:44It's cool because not only is it fun,
00:03:46but people and these farmers
00:03:47and these families care so much
00:03:49for their animals.
00:03:50It is a way of life for them.
00:03:55>>Agriculture has brought
00:03:56so many new experiences on to us.
00:03:58We've met new friends,
00:03:59and we have old friends here.
00:04:01It's just a big family.
00:04:03>>Agriculture encompasses every day
00:04:06of their everyday lives.
00:04:08I mean, everything that they come in contact with
00:04:10relates back to Ohio agriculture,
00:04:12and it is Ohio's #1 industry.
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