00:00:00Reconvene Session
00:00:25Point of Personal Privilege Sen Patton
00:02:39Resolution - SJR 8Chris Widener
00:03:03At Ease
00:04:20Third Consideration - HB 474Chris Widener
00:04:46Third Consideration - SB 53Chris Widener
00:05:17Third Consideration - HB 178Peggy LehnerThomas PattonLou Gentile
00:13:05Third Consideration - HB 201Jim HughesDave Burke
00:22:20At Ease
00:22:36Reconsideration - HB 201
00:27:10Third Consideration - HB 247William P. ColeyMichael SkindellFrank LaRoseWilliam P. ColeyTom Sawyer
00:43:14Point of Personal Privilege Sen. Hughes
00:44:23Third Consideration - HB 258Shannon Jones
00:49:30Third Consideration - HB 290William P. ColeyMichael SkindellWilliam P. ColeyMichael Skindell
01:03:11Third Consideration - HB 319Troy BaldersonEric Kearney
01:09:33Third Consideration - HB 367Peggy Lehner
01:14:57Point of Personal Privilege Sen. Hughes
01:15:47Point of Personal Privilege Sen. Frank LaRose and Hughes
01:20:06Third Consideration - HB 663John EklundPeggy LehnerShannon JonesEdna BrownEric KearneyMichael SkindellJohn EklundChris WidenerBill SeitzFrank LaRoseJohn EklundJim Hughes
02:29:18Third Consideration - SB 344Bill SeitzMichael SkindellBill Seitz
02:50:00Third Consideration - HB 109Kevin Bacon
02:55:27Third Consideration - HB 131Peggy Lehner
03:00:51Third Consideration - HB 412Shannon JonesThomas PattonFrank LaRoseShannon Jones
03:13:29Third Consideration - HB 552Shannon JonesEric Kearney
03:21:45Third Consideration - HB 474Thomas PattonEric KearneyJoseph Uecker
03:30:18Motion Larry Obhof
03:30:54Consideration of House Amendment - SB 42Randy Gardner
03:37:48Consideration of House Amendment - SB 243Kevin BaconEric KearneyLou Gentile
03:45:06Consideration of House Amendment - SB 272Capri CafaroJohn Eklund
03:50:15Consideration of House Amendment - SB 274Jim Hughes
03:54:37Consideration of House Amendment - SB 276Shannon JonesJoe SchiavoniMichael Skindell
04:03:04Consideration of House Amendment - SB 342Bill Seitz
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