00:00:00Convene Session/InvocationMonsignor Joseph Hendricks, Saint Brigid Of Kildare, Dublin, OH
00:02:06Journal of Previous Day
00:02:27Resolution - SR 270Saint Henry High School Football Champions, Jim Lachey, Jordan, Keith Faber
00:08:22Third Consideration - SB 305Steve Stivers
00:11:37Conference Committee Report - HB 259Jordan
00:12:04Third Consideration - HB 461Jordan, Gardner, Grendell
00:23:39Third Consideration - HB 87Kevin Coughlin
00:24:11Third Consideration - HB 285Jordan
00:26:29Third Consideration - HB 454John Carey
00:29:51Third Consideration - HB 468Robert Spada
00:32:13Third Consideration - HB 546Tom Niehaus, Dale Miller
00:37:27Third Consideration - HB 551Jordan
00:39:44Third Consideration - HB 571Steve Stivers
00:43:24RecognitionMember Farewell for Jeffry Armbruster by Robert Spada, Jeff Jacobson, Patricia Clancy, Larry Mumper, Steve Austria, Hagan, Joy Padgett, Goodman, Kimberly Zurz, Harris
01:26:37RecognitionMember Farewell for Jay Hottinger by John Carey, Jordan, Dale Miller, Jeff Jacobson, Ray Miller, Steve Stivers, Kimberly Zurz, Wilson, Robert Spada, Gary Cates, Jeffry Armbruster, Steve Austria, Harris
02:15:17RecognitionMember Farewell for Jordan by Jeff Jacobson, Gardner, Lynn Wachtmann, Roberts, Steve Austria, Kimberly Zurz, Robert Spada, Patricia Clancy, Ron Amstutz, Harris
02:47:08RecognitionMember Farewell for Lynn Wachtmann by Gardner, Hagan, Jeffry Armbruster, Steve Austria, Dale Miller, Larry Mumper, Robert Spada, Kimberly Zurz, Wilson, Jordan, Harris
03:22:39Third Consideration - HB 87Kevin Coughlin, Patricia Clancy, Ray Miller, Eric Kearney, Dale Miller
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